Special thanks to twitch_lol, Yarix, jacktharibba, BrandenF and all other players that contributed to this FAQ

Q. How do I use my healing and mana potions?
A. Go to 'Units', click on unit and click on potion you want to use.

Q. What happens if I run out of food?
A. Your units will not be healed when they move. The amount of food used per turn equals the number of wounded units.

Q. Keep getting error/wont load/ stuck on screen?
A. Go to 'Settings' and get you recovery code (case sensitive). Go to your phone Application manager and uninstall the game. Go back to market place and install the game again and use your recovery code. If that doesn’t help email development at petar.juros (at) gmail.com

Q. Why am I not gaining any health?
A. You gain smalll amount of health over time. You also gain health by moving. Each move will heal each unit in your party as long as you have enough food. One food is used per unit that is healed.

Q. I have went over the amount of experience need to level up but I haven’t leveled up?
A. It’s a known bug that has actually become part of the game. The only way to progress a level is by killing something, you can't level up only collectng stars. Sometimes this is a good bug because if u have a lot of moves that you want to use before you level you can still collect stars then get a kill and not have wasted as many moves.

Q. How does the attack and def and luck work?
A. If attack is higher then enemy defense the attack gains: (atck-def) * 5% dmg. If defense is higher, dmg is reduced by: (def-atck) * 3%. Here is example:
Player: attack = 10, defense = 6
Mob: attack = 3, defense = 8

Player attacking Mob: damage will increase 10% cause player attack is 2 points higher than mob defense, and for every point you get 5% increase in damage when attacking
Mob attacking Player: damage will decrease 9% cause player defense is 3 points higher than mob attack, and for every point you get 3% decrease in damage when defending

If your luck is 12, than you have 12% chance of doing Critical strike (50% damage increase)

Q. Where are the dragons? This is called dragon collector right?
A. Dragon will be coming soon after the release of dungeons.

Q. What happen if I become inactive?
A. After 3 days inactive players are moved to town to keep from being in the way, but you will always be able to come back and just exit town. After 100 days inactive players are deleted from server.

Q. I am surrounded by trees when I left town how do I get unstuck?
A. Email petar.juros (at) gmail.com with you account name and server.

Q. I got a phone call during battle now I can't access the map?
A. Go to you application on your phone and force close or just restart your phone. Some time you might also have to go to setting and get you recovery code (case sensitive). Go to your phone Application manager and uninstall the game. Go back to market place and install the game again and use your recovery code.

Q. How do I regenerate stamina/turns?
A. Every 15 minutes you gain 1 move (or stamina or turn). You can get more turns using stamina potions and increasing "Fast movement" skill.
However, there's a maximum of moves a player can gather (starting player 50), additional moves gained are just lost. I you gain a new level your stamina capacity increases by 1.

Q. When does the map refresh?
A. Map will refresh when 10% of Undead wizards on map is killed.

Q. How can I find my battle stats?
A. It is planned to be on the players page but currently you can go to the website. Go to scoreboard, select your server and then just click on the player name. You will need to be in the top 200 of either xp, battles or moves (try battles if you never lost one)

Q. How do I find a town?
A. Towns are randomly spawned once a day on the map, good luck finding one. Or you can suicide and be taken directly there. To avoid taking more damage than need deactivate as many units as you can.