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Just hit number one on Server 2.
  • Angel January 2014
    Well, a few Stamina Potions later, I passed the Number 1 player in Server 2. (For some reason, he was up there but in-active) So, I've just passed to number one. Also, not only am I Number 1 in EXP I've also hit a few big mile stones in other Scoreboard checkpoints.

    Number 1:

    --EXP (As stated above)
    --Fastest Player - 10,000 more moves than Delfonic. (Keep chasing me! =P)
    --Win Ratio - MetalFist was in the lead a while back but he also went inactive at 94,600 EXP which is a shame. Was nice having someone close to me active. But, I currently have just hit the 5000 Wins/0 Losses keeping my Win Ratio at 100%
    --Highest EXP-PER-TURN rate - Mine could be higher, but sometimes when I'm tired and have full moving, I randomly wonder around the Map to get Potions/Treasure/Stars and try and Find Dragon/Spider Caves. This way I don't waste 78 turns and they can regen overnight.

    So yeah, top of the Server. I just wish server two was a little bit more active. The only part I don't have top in is Coins. I never get a chance to save my coins! I'm always spending them on Stamina Potions when I get the chance but in the last few days, I've managed to save up 4,000 Coins. So, yeah, can't complain.

    Want to know your stats/rank and find out about others and their stats/equipment? Here you go. :3
  • Angel January 2014
    mfw no one cares. =[
  • pjuros January 2014
    Good job Angel :-)
  • cbreidenbach87 January 2014
    You are right Angel
  • Angel January 2014
    About what? No one careing? Gathered that.
  • lewis February 2014
    Congrats Angel! Not much activity on the boards. For some time now. Been a lurker for some time, figured I would at least say keep up the good work. Sometimes it seems like a grind for a slowly developing game, hope it's worth it in the long run.
  • Metalfist February 2014
    Stop by every day to collect nearby potions, but haven't battled in a while. If the number of spots is going to be increasing by 2 in version 1.6, I'm going to avoid leveling up until then so my new characters aren't too far behind.