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New attack types - ideas
  • pjuros October 2013
    I'm planning to add new attack types (to current units and to new units), so feal free to post some ideas.
  • DeathMonky October 2013
    Hey there,
    I think the starting units should gain attack types as they lv up. like maybe every 10 lvs.
    Some ideas:
    1. A type that can only be used once in each battle, that doesnt take mp, or maybe just low mp.
    2. A warp spell, go anywhere on map.
    3. Main attack infused with a small amount of magic to make it slightly more damaging. (fire arrows, energy sword)
    4. sumoning is always cool. Maybe the sumoned monster feeds on the casters hp or mp.
    5. Wepons with special attack or atribute(poison)
    6. Set trap
    7. Curses (25% chance the unit dies per turn) (looses half its curant hp)
  • Tentacle October 2013
    How about connecting damage to the units condition? If the unit has 50% hp, then it only does 50% damage... I mean, imagine you are dwarfal, you lost all but 10 hp (broken legs, arrows sticking out your breast plate, a cut off arm...) And you still deal full damage to your enemies? Could bring up a new strategy in battles, too...
  • Tentacle October 2013
    PS: and it should not be that difficult to implement. Just multiply damage dealt by units hp%, done...
    On a second thought: maybe when the unit is below 10% hp, damage even gets a bonus, the last rage of the dying or something. Could be done with a plus X% chance to get a critical and not using the above mentioned multiplier. So from 100 to 10% hp multiply damage with hp%, below 10% hp deal normal damage with maybe 50% chance of critical hit. (or even 70% chance, whatever suits gameplay) still should not be too difficult to implement in the game (i think)
    See you all killing dragons!
  • pjuros October 2013
    @Tentacle - this is great idea and easly implemented.
  • Tentacle October 2013
    @pjuros - that's what I think, too. Can be quickly done and also quickly be changed if percentages of critical hit is too high or too low for example.
    Looking forward to your next update, keep up the good work!
  • Tentacle October 2013
    How about poison? A poisoned unit loses X hp every round until a healing spell is used on it. If the player can get poisoned weapons, the ai needs a healer unit.

    Anybody any thoughts on this?
  • Lithos October 2013
    First let me say, I like the idea of Poison attacks. I also would also like to throw out the idea of Dwarfal's special attack to cost health instead of mana. That would somewhat limit his dominance in the battlefield, since it is basically a multi attack with little downside
  • steveyD_1 October 2013
    The poison idea is nice, but if we have one element attack then should we branch out to others - ie fire/ice attacks, and some mobs could have weakness/resistance to different elements etc. Could be a bit of work to implement though...

    Another idea I had, should the mage's firerain spell affect friendly units? It's more bad news for dwarfal but it does kinda make sense ;)
  • pjuros October 2013
    Yes. I've been thinking about poisoning, burning, bleeding, freezing ... but for now game engine has limited options for attack types. It would require lot of work to make it.
    Firerain affecting friendly units definitely makes sense :-)
  • Metalfist November 2013
    One thing I've always wondered about with fire rain is why it has to be targeted at an opponent rather than just a spot on the ground. You would sacrifice any leech bonuses, but could potentially hit more targets even if they aren't right next to each other.
  • Tentacle January 2014
  • Xyzzy January 2014
    What about multi arrow for ranged. They can hit two targets next to each other

    Also was thinking...not an actual attack but if the assassin could move after attacking that would be cool. Cause assassins are sneaky bastards. Also make up for his lack of defensive skills.