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New Dungeons?
  • Angel July 2013
    Just went into a Cave entrance and was teleported to a new Dungeon which had a sign saying "This Dungeon has been overrun by Spiders!"

    Are there any new things in the game that you've seen? Because this is new to me. Also. Does anyone know the strength of these Spiders and the Monsters in there? I would hate to go in and lose my 100% winning streak! =P
  • Tenkai July 2013
    Well what level are you? At level 25 with level 50 characters it is not bad. Just be prepared to lose a couple characters. All range in the spider dungeon and even if you move they stay locked onto your first character.
  • Angel July 2013
    Are they magic based attacks or physical? I wish there was a way to pick which character was up top. =[

    Im only a Level 18. I think I need some more leveling for better defence items and attack weapons. Maybe Ill avoid them till I get more.
  • Lithos July 2013
    I made it through at level 20...but I used all my higher level Characters and quite a few potions...I wouldn't go in weak:)
  • Tenkai July 2013
    The first group is easy and just green spiders. There is a huge jump in difficulty from the first and second group.
  • steveyD_1 July 2013
    Just found a fire dungeon, nice one Petar! Anyone else found anything new?
  • Ahhh I finally killed a dragon! Finally dragon rpg has a dragon! Also, a bit of input as far as difficulty, I ran through the very hard dungeon w/out losing a guy and only swapping a guy once. Def the hardest thing avail. But a maxxed out group still will trounce it pretty quick, still fun to fight a dragon
  • pjuros July 2013
    While testing new dungeons I managed to finish them with level 13 character and all units between level 20 and 25. So, there is still some room to make it even harder :-)
    Next dragon will be stronger than fire dragon.
  • Tenkai July 2013
    Nice @pjuros!!! Any plans for new items or a level cap increase?
  • pjuros July 2013
    Yes. For players and for units. New items will come with random item generation.
  • Tenkai August 2013
    What do you mean by random item generation? Random stats per item?
  • pjuros August 2013
    Yes. Random stats per item.
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