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Dragon collector RGP v1.30 - release
  • pjuros June 2013
    Version 1.30 has been released on Google Play. New features:

    - new battle map (hex fields, larger map, custom unit movement order, better interface)
    - all units will have +1 to movement on battle map because map is bigger now
    - added some caching to lower game server requests

    IMPORTANT NOTE: game now requires OpenGL ES version 2.0+, so some older devices will not be compatible
  • Tenkai June 2013
    It is great to see you back. I hope everything is well with you. Thanks for the update.
  • Tenkai June 2013
    Can magic critical hit now?
  • steveyD_1 June 2013
    New battle system rules :-D nice one Petar!
  • Asaru June 2013
    I Love everything your doing to the game. The only thing that sucks is my healers & tank can't cast magic on themselves. Other than that great job :)
  • pjuros June 2013
    Magic can get critical hit now. And casting magic on themselves will be enabled in next update.
  • I really hate to be this guy because the game is great and the new battle screen is an interesting addition... but... the game had been untouched for so long all the regular players surely are at or near max with multiple characters and....there just isn't anything new to do.
  • pjuros June 2013
    Yeah, I'm aware of that problem. It is very hard to keep things interesting for long time. Next update will bring PvP arena, players will have option to to battle with other players. Few other ideas are boiling too ... random item attributes, unit trading, more dungeons, and of course dragons :-)
  • Vincendra June 2013
    Hey petar, i got a new phone (lost my old) and couldn't write down rec key. Players name is vincendra (serv 3 I think). Could u pls send me the rec key per priv. Msg on the forum or on my reg email? Ty in advance.
  • delfonic June 2013
    I must say, glad to see ya back at it! :-)) The new hex grid, and less-restricted battle is amazing. Definitely well worth the wait bro.
  • Would it be possible just to copy/paste one of the existing dungeons andput the skeletons on steroids for a hard level dungeon? I want to see what my crack team of maxed gear/level troops can really do!
  • delfonic June 2013
    Now when you say, "adding random item attributes", meaning magical items? With additions to crit%,+turns, food, droprate, +xp%, and +gold%. Or do you mean a low lvl item could have 1-3 of usual stat, and higher lvl gear having 10 or 15-20 or higher?

    You could even have rares with plus to skills on items specific to a class(weapons preferably since they are already pretty specific. Like a staff specific to agent orange( lol can't remember the name) that increases his ice bolt dmg or critical, or a staff for fire mage's fireball or firestorm(meteor?)... A guy can dream can't he
  • pjuros June 2013
    I mean random generating item stats (higher level get higher stats) and more items with multiple stats. One important notice. For now, all item stats are unit specific, for example, there is no stat +gold%, cause that is player specific.

    Weapons need some changes too. It would be great to make each weapon with its own damage attribute.
  • delfonic June 2013
    Sounds awesome! As simple as this game may be, its the longest running game I've had on my phone w/o deletion or quitting(permanantly(casual breaks)), over a year. Again, glad to see ya back at it!