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diablo 3
  • BrandenF June 2012
    Anyone play?
  • valjean June 2012
    I sank sooo much time into playing D2... I was single and living in my parents attic. Now, I am married and a father of two. I want it, but I need to justify it to my "doesn't play videogames" wife.
  • z__ June 2012
    My wife bought me star craft 2 at christmas a few years back. She called it "divorce in a box" after I unwrapped it. Needless to say...I don't play it much. :(
  • valjean June 2012
    LOL. At least she was up front about it.
  • BrandenF June 2012
    Divorce in a box that she bought for you? Sooooo uhhhhh
  • BrandenF June 2012
    And sinking ten thousand hours into d2 on a conservative estimate... well worth it. D3 is ok... much less open world, but making tweaks constantly based on fan feedback, which is nice
  • Midnight June 2012
    Diablo 3 is much more similar to the original than d2 was. I'm loving it. :-)
  • BrandenF June 2012
    Ya. Its pretty neat. Lvl 60 barb attempting act 2 inferno. I think there updating to 1.03 patch today which is nerfing inferno :( I liked the challenge