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New top ten in wins
  • thorg February 2012
    Rank/server/name/wins-losses/change in wins-losses
    1(2) DragonBalls 2738 +110
    2(4) Seve 2338 +60
    3(2) GiantSquid 2140 +16
    4(1) Tentacle 2085 +27
    5(4) SAGEA 1815 +91
    6(1) Alter Ego 1747 +47
    7(2) ThatguyWill 1720 +0
    8(3) Phoenix13 1705 +9
    9(4) Fireseeker 1206 +23
    10(3) Demideus 1193 +39

    Top ten in wins
    1(1) Tenkai 4545/8 +76/+0
    2(3) grizzlybear 4039/1378 +82/+21
    3(1) Woar 3731/33 +74/+0
    4(2) MegaWoody 3347/78 +58/+4
    5(3) UnTTKnOwn 3304/124 +23/+2
    6(3) Kariskakaris 3194/11 +101/+2
    7(2) Gloom 3180/101 +46/+0
    8(2) MAX 3172/3 +110/+0
    9(3) Turttleman 3171/310 +88/+2
    10(3) Yarix 3064/27 +49/+1

    Next ten
    11(1) Stimpy 3034/1 +33/+0
    12(2) Ringo 2859/33 +156/+3
    13(3) beerhunter 2791/26 +30/+0
    14(2) DragonBalls 2738/0 +110/+0
    15(3) ACE 2594/16 +64/+0
    16(1) Troop 2483/7 +0/+0
    17(3) Valjean 2470/98 +28/+1
    18(3) Flashheart 2458/42 +25/+0
    19(3) JackThaRibba 2354/91 +18/+0
    20(4) Seve 2338/0 +60/+0
    21(2) LordDragon 2322/1 +79/+0
    22(2) Bjking 2304/54 +98/+2

  • thorg February 2012
    Welcome back ZeroZonez, WhyteOut and MAX.
    Hope to see "magic weapon" and meta back soon.
    Congrats to a new player in Ringo for making the list and to UnTTKnOwn for a major climb.
  • Tenkai February 2012
    I like this list o.o
  • thorg February 2012
    Sorry to see you lose, Stimpy. I was looking forward to a long chase to catch you, with DragonBalls. Now I find myself trying to chase down a player with 1 win in over 3 months, in ZeroZones. I past him up once with MAX, but loses soon after led me to start over. I hate loses. Roughly 6000 wins, with 4 different characters, my goal was always tops in undefeated. I've had 4 loses which led me to 3 restarts.
    I regretted abandoning MAX and have recently reactivated him and now I find new excitement in finding myself in a pack competing for the #10 spot in wins.
    Your in the front of the pack at #11, and I'm looking forward again to chasing you, this time with MAX.
    ? How did you lose?
  • thorg February 2012
  • thorg February 2012
    Alter Ego now holds the #10 spot at 1556 +41 ( +30 at time of chart)
  • thorg March 2012
    Watchout Yarix, there's a small group aiming to take your #10 spot.
    Also, Troop and DragonBalls are going to need some room at the bottom of the list.
  • thorg March 2012
    Hey, THIS is the new top tens
  • Tenkai March 2012
    Lol warning!!!!
  • thorg March 2012
    Where are you "Magic Weapon", WhyteOut, bored, ZeroZonez, guretan, and ThatGuyWill.
    Your absence has opened up positions for new and old players.
  • Tenkai March 2012
    Nice update. I will update the experience one in 2 days. Give everyone some time to jump some spots
  • thorg March 2012
    Updated charts
  • Fireseeker March 2012
    Server 4 representing in undefeated wins
  • thorg March 2012
    Updated charts
  • thorg March 2012
    The King is dead!
    King Arthur of svr4 has fallen.
    Demideus of svr3 is next to make the top ten undefeated.
  • thorg April 2012
    As of 4/1/12, 6 through 9 in top ten in wins remains the same order, but only 35 wins separates the four.
    Next update should reveal a nice battle for the 6th spot.
  • z__ April 2012
    I'd join in on the server 4 top undefeated list... but I'm afraid I enjoy getting whipped by monsters until I wake up in town. On the brighter side, I finally found a use for all those linen shirts.
  • Yarix April 2012
    To stop the bleeding & salve your wounds?
  • z__ April 2012
    There's that. And they fold nicely into adult diapers.
  • thorg April 2012
    4 through 9 in wins should see some reordering in the near future. I aim to take the #4 spot with MAX before Kariskakaris does. Also, welcome Bjking.
  • thorg April 2012
  • kariskakaris April 2012
    Some friendly competition? Your going to unleash a sleeping dragon. Bawhaha. :-))
  • Tenkai April 2012
    bjking ..... blow job king?
  • valjean April 2012
    Let's hope that is his screen name, and not his real name. If it is his real name, I hope he never goes to prison.
  • thorg April 2012
    Sorry LordDragon, I was a little premature on the Bj.
  • thorg April 2012
  • thorg April 2012
    Oh crap! I screwed up another one.
    I wasn't even drunk or high.
    Sorry Seve, I left you off the wins list, as svr4s' only representative.
    Hey Karis, MAX is currently in 7th, 6th is next.
  • Fireseeker April 2012
    Sagea has left the undefeated
  • kariskakaris April 2012
    Nice! I like having someone to run with up the ladder. Keeps me motivated. I've been making some runs lately can't wait for new update you do.I don't really check website like that not like the forum. I'm currently at 3308 and still going strong!
  • thorg April 2012
    Hey Karis, I was on your heels, but I haven't played lately.
    I'm taking my first real break since this games' inception.
    I'll be back!
  • kariskakaris April 2012
    I'll be waiting!
  • Tentacle May 2012
    Hey, do I see correctly that I'm the only one left with 2k/0 ? What happened there to the other three?
  • thorg May 2012
    Sorry, I've taken another break from the game.
    This is the first time I've looked at the leader-boards in over a month.
    Tentacle, you are currently the undefeated leader and only 2k winner, but there is a possibility a player like Zero or the Squid could come back.
    The charts need updating, but my wife thinks I spend to much time on this game, so if someone else wants to take over, that's cool.
    Peace out!
  • Tentacle May 2012
    Hey Thorg, does your wife know mine? They sure enough sound alike... :-)