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new map discussion
  • twitch_lol September 2011
    So far I have seen the court yard. I like it.

    Basic map style.
    Only 5 tall 6 wide.
    Fountain in middle with a diamond of trees around it
  • Thunk September 2011
    I played that one too but it's the only new one I've seen. It was fun to play.
  • Eightz September 2011
    That is the only new one I've tried also. Did the fountain work?
  • twitch_lol September 2011
    would be cool i it healed u
  • valjean September 2011
    The fountain doesn't work. I made that map, guys! I was pretty excited when I saw it. I ran to show the wife, and she just looked at me like I was crazy.

    Thanks, petar for letting us contribute!
  • Kain September 2011
    I only had two battles on it but i liked it
  • Maru September 2011
    The game could do with a slight graphics update and movement ma maps are made
  • Yarix September 2011
    Oh jeez, a healing fountain on the battle map. That would be sooo cool (and unbalancing unless enemy units could drink too and it gets depleted after the first drink...)
    Btw: loved the level as it gives lots of options to my knife guy...
  • thorg September 2011
    Just got the map, loved it, i'll take it any day.
  • Xyzzy September 2011
    Saw the map too love playing. Its my new fave. Saw a map that had walls at top and bottom with trees dabbled in the middle. That was a trip. Helps keep the battles interesting.
  • Vader2 September 2011
    Fountain map was fun. Also saw similar map to Xyzzy but this had rivers on top and bottom.
    Ideas for new battle maps: have weapon(s) available to be picked up and they would give a bonus to just that battle.
  • Yarix September 2011
    See, that's what I like. Makes every map more interesting and creates new tactical challenges. But make it that you need to start your turn standing on the field...