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more heal on movement please
  • Like the title says. Not alot just more than 1 point per move. Seems to me, 2,3 or maybe 4 health per move would be sweet, and would keep inline with the rest of the update. What do y'all think?
  • Yarix May 2011
    Hm, perhaps a skill could be introduced?
  • BrandenF May 2011
    Or a handout :D
  • pjuros May 2011
    Yes, some skill that increases move healing will be introduced in future releases.
  • Koiteth May 2011
    Yay Petar!
  • Koiteth May 2011
  • BrandenF May 2011
    "Conserve energy" skill. 1 less food per move and +1 hp unit per move (or +2 if your feeling generous)