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Higher level equipment?
  • Yarix May 2011
    I am now level 9 and I'm wondering about equipment available. Specifically, I'd like to know if there's anything better in the sword and shield department. My current equipment:
    Copper armor (l8, 32 hlth)
    Full metal cap (l8, 5 luck)
    [new] Aluminium boots (l8, 12 mv)
    Metal shield (l6, 3 def)
    Medium sword (l5, 3 atck)

    So, is this currently the best outfit available (for this level, the gold armor & flying boots are for lvl 10) or should I start checking those chests again?
  • pjuros May 2011
    There is some armour on level 10, and some items. Soon there will be update, multi-attribute items will be added to the game.
  • Yarix May 2011
    Do I hear a woot? Yes, I think I do..
  • pjuros May 2011
    If there is someone willing to do some work on graphical icons for items, send me email.
  • BrandenF May 2011
    I am a shit artist... can't get passed stick figures. I got same equips but boots lvl 8 alu 12 move
  • Koiteth May 2011
    I'd love to assist but have poor software. Got connections though. More to follow....