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Potions on map idea
  • twitch_lol April 2011
    Seems how almost everything on the map has a chance to be higher how about either 2 or there diff types of pots. Small med and large. Of course the chance of getting large should be either lvl based or chance based like the stars and chest but would help a lot it there were pots that could do a lil more healing

    Small 50 hp
    Med 75 hp
    Large 100 hp
    Exlier restore one party members health to full
    Super elixer restores full hp of party ( very rare 1% chance or something small)

    I just want to be able to battle more and this would help a lot and make collevting pots more fun. The elixer are kinda a wish list thing but would be cool.

    What do u all think?
  • pjuros April 2011
    I agree, healing potions need upgrade. In next game update there will be improvement of potions, 3 types of healing potions: small, medium and large.
  • twitch_lol April 2011
    sweet I had a good idea *-:) \m/ u rock petar

    Will they be collectable?
  • pjuros April 2011
  • BrandenF April 2011
    Very good twitch! And three cheers for Petar :D
  • Eightz April 2011
    I like collectables.
    Can't wait for the Juros bobble head.
    Or the limited edition Kiwi beanie baby.
    One eyed wizard coins.
    White and black box ''my little ony' for my daughter of course.
  • Gogan April 2011
    Yeah xD cant wait for better potions xD
  • Seems like the med pots on map were a good idea. Ppl lvling much faster!

    How about putting large pots on map for lvl 8+ with like a 15% chance?