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Idea for skill reset
  • twitch_lol April 2011
    Pretty sure this is something that almost everyone would agree needs to happen. We def need some way to reset skills because like most I don't think I went then right way..

    My suggestion would be every player would be allowed one free reset.

    From there in you should have to pay X amunt per point that you want to reset. Let's say it is 40 gold per point and I am lvl 6 and I have 3 in movement and 2 in ranged res and I want to keep points in my movement but want back the ones in res I would pay 80 gold and get those points back. This would make it more of a build and more costly to reset all but if u just wanna tweak ur build u can with out dropping tons of gold!

    But we def need one free reset when you get around to updating help and explaining how the dif stats work!
  • Gogan April 2011
    On higher lvls u get more money .. 100 per skillpoint would be better ... Or player lvl x 50 coins ... Lvl6 x 50 coins = 300 coins .... Sure its a lot .. But hey, we have to think b4 ... skill reset with money must be expensive ... But lvl 1+2+3 player should have free skill reset ... To see witch skill is more important for they
  • twitch_lol April 2011
    Everyone should get one free at any lvl right now because petar himself said in another thread that the skills would be better explained in the new help.

    And in away what u said is kinda like what i said being that you get a skill point per lvl so at lvl 5 u would pay 250 if u want all skills reset! You shoudnt have to pay to reset something you don't want. But this would allow you to try diff build specially when a game is new.

    And with the way the game is now u need all the gold u can get to lvl. You don't get something from every battle like u do in most game and if u do get something good it only sells for it lvl in gold. Ex. Lvl 4 sword cost like 25 gold but only sells for 4 g.

    Resetting ur skills should be a reasonable choice not a game changing choice that u would have to save for a month to get! It would just allow for morethings to do and more gameplay time.

    Also don't get me wrong I don't think you should be able to do it for free every 30 sec but it should be reasonable
  • Olad April 2011
    Maybe we can gain a "reset point" that resets all the skill points? We gain it every 3 or 5 level (and start with 1?). So it is free, but you still must be carefull because it's easy to reset 1 time but the second (and the next) will be hard to reach!
  • terror4627 April 2011
    Or, you could be able to reset every 3 weeks or something like that.
  • BlackShift April 2011
    It would also be fun if petar would tweak the skills, making the skilks that only a few players chose better until they are valued and selected evenly :-)

    Me myself, I will just reach lvl 21 reeaall quick and max all the skills!

    Another idea: get a temorary 'malus' (negative bonus) when removing skill points. Say you had 1 skill point for 5% range res., then when you chage it to something else you will get -5% range res for x turns.

    Or skill-return-gear. Got to get special equipment that can be used to remove skill points.

    Or defeat a particular wizard. Or quadrupled food consumption for a week! Or a you have to clean the dirty fountain that everybody drinks from each day...
  • terror4627 April 2011
    A skill tree would also be cool
  • Xyzzy June 2011
    Not really about resetting skills, but can the cap on the skills be raised or removed?
  • Yarix June 2011
    I think Petar is (with reason) concerned that this would unbalance the game. Perhaps the caps could be raised a bit if playtesting (well, that's what we're doing now too) shows battles then still remain interesting
  • Xyzzy June 2011
    Yeah I know what your saying. Then there would have to be some sort of other control to keep the game balanced. I see where placing separate in game controls for each individual skill would be difficult.