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choose ur skills wisely
  • Gogan April 2011
    If u wanna be a attacker then raise attack expert and frog leg first .. U make more damage, but still loose the same hp when mobs attack u and u heal a few less ... If u wanna be a defender raise first resistance and defence .. U get less damage but ur attack still the same ... Or u can raise medicine and movement .. On this way u can get more move a day and get more heals return a day .. Thats the basic ..
    I know u guys know it :-)
    My choose 4 the 5 skill points was Medicine max and meele and range defence 1 point .. 168 hp heals a day plus 81 movement a day is enough hp healing I think :-) ..
    And raise the resistance is better then raise defence or attack I think .. Whats ur choise for the skills? .. And tell why :-) .. Btw .. Im lvl 6
  • Skuggan April 2011
    Resistance is king, everyone who played any MMO before knows that. HP regen is added after resistance, def and att, luck comes last cause you dont want to rely on luck too much. You will resist more than those 168hp per day in a single day if you attack mobs.

    So this is the priority, resistance, defence, attack, HP regen, Movement, Luck.
  • Gogan April 2011
    Huh? Lool .. Can't remember that I wrote that .. xD ... Maybe for u is Resistance king .. 4 me not .... On other Mmo I .... Ah whatever it dosnt matter xD .. The next stat what I maxed is movement then luck .. Y? .. B cause I like it that the battles are so hard xD ... With full defence and attack I think the fights are too easy ... And when fights are easy its boring xD
  • Yarix April 2011
    @Skuggan: I totally disagree. It may hold true in normal MMOs but remember that this game has one specific limit, and that is the number of turns per day. This, in my opinion has top priority.
    Second, if you consider that the influence of attack does not stack on itself (ie 2 attack=3 attack, as long as it is higher than enemy's defense) this too is limited.

    [Edit: ok, I was wrong there: attack & def do stack. This makes these more interesting on lvl5 &6, killing the spider on turn 1]

    Now I don't know how resistance works but I assume each point represents a %-point. This means 1 skill point gives 5% damage reduction. For a poison snake this equals to 6-10 less damage per hit. Considering 4 hits on average this gives 32 health. A skillpoint in health gives 36 (by the way, I never checked, is this distributed over all party members or does each unit receive this? On the former, resistance equals out to health, in the latter it's no competition)

    Finally, I don't know if a luckpoint equals to a single critical-% either, but if so 3 luck equals to 3% x 50% = 1.5% extra damage (avg). This only makes sense if the enemy defense is so low that you don't need any extra atack bonus.

    Summarizing [edited] I think stamina has top prio, followed by (using my assumptions) health or attack (for lvl5 & 6) melee res, ranged res, def, luck.
  • Gogan April 2011
    I think resistance is % too ... I still think thats is better to raise health and move first .. Sure with more defence and resistance u can fight 3-4 more battles ... But u still need 2-3 days to heal ... I can heal 249 hp a day, I don't need hp pots more and with 1 point in meele and range resistance I can easy fight 5-6 battles a day ... Every day .. Thats enough for me ... Cant wait to raise the move recovery xD
  • Yarix April 2011
    Well, don't forget that move=health too. 8 moves means up to 40 health...
  • Gogan April 2011
    I know .. With lvl 3 medicine skill and lvl 6 armor I can heal 168 hp a day .. Plus my lvl 6 boots 81 move regain .. 249 hp a day .. And later with lvl 3 movement 24 more ... And not forgot that im on lvl 10 when my movement is maxed .. Then lvl 10 boots and armor ... I dont know the lvl 10th stats .. Then I have maybe 300 hp healing a day ... For me is that better then move 2-3 days without fight and try to farm hp pots ... Then I can sell the most hp pots, can buy more stamina pots ... Hmmm .. The higher our lvl the easier the game :-/ ... Hope the dragons Coming soon xD
  • Koiteth April 2011
    So how does one get more skill points? By lvlng up? :-??
  • Yarix April 2011
  • Shrydo April 2011
    I went for health first, now I can fight a few battles a day instead of a battle every few days. Then attack so I can knock out those ranged mobs before they can do much
  • Skuggan April 2011
    I can do a few fights per day starting with full health, but its still not enough, playing for a few minutes per day aint casual even, active playtime that is.
  • pjuros April 2011
    Boost your turns with stamina potions, equipment, skills .... you can get over 100 turns a day.
  • Yarix April 2011
    True. I maxed on stamina & health and I get 105 turns and 168 health per day...
  • Xaelian May 2011
    My first five skills are as followed. 2 points in movement and 3 in ranged resist. Seems to work well. I am able to move to collect heal pots, and not worry much about ranged creatures. My next points will go into melee resist. Cheers!
  • Xyzzy May 2011
    I put 2 on attack and 1 on defence. Right now. I restarted & back at lvl3. Things ok. I can battle 4 times a day depending on availabilty of wizards using 1-2 potions. Thinking high defense & attack to avoid lvl 6-8 battle issues but worried about pots dependence.
  • Freezing May 2011
    Based off lvl 6 with 3 points already in def. 1 point in melee res is about 90hp/day vs speed which is about 65hp/day pots included
  • Yarix May 2011
    Don't forget the chests and xp... Move rocks!
  • Gogan May 2011
    Right, in this game move is king
  • Xaelian May 2011
    Lvl 6 right now and I have 2 points in movement, 3 in range resist, abs 1 in healing. Working out well so far.
  • Koiteth May 2011
    Lvl7 w/1att, 1rng evde, 1melee evde, 2 healing, 1 movement, and 1 luck. My units though don't show any melee or res stats. Hmmmmm
  • Freezing May 2011
    Mmm ill get xp/day stats for mres,rres and sta for lvl 7 in next few days. Just need to write the data down
  • pjuros May 2011
    On your party screen units show their basic stats, when you go in battle units will get their bonuses, you can see their increased stats in battle.
  • Koiteth May 2011
    I see. Thanks!
  • Freezing May 2011
    Ok after 2.5 days and with 3/3 def and 1/3 mres the exp values follow. 9.45Exp/day for 8 extra sta/day,2.9 exp/day for 5% more melee res, and 1.35 xp/day for 5% range res. This is at lvl 7
  • Danderson May 2011
    So far ive been doing well at lvl 7.

    However i have not spent a single skill point :)

    Ive not decided which would be best
    figured that I would wait? Maybr peter ads some new skill or changes things, then I would be suck with those skills lol

    O,therwise I thought of full attack, full luck (does luck augment crit chance?)
    Abd then def, and then resists when the time comes
  • Yarix May 2011
    Well, it's no secret that I think move is the most important skill. For combat you can go the attack route (I did) or defense. The results depend on the enemy and your equipment. If your total attack bonus is able to finish a (ranged) enemy a full round sooner than otherwise...
    This is also influenced by your level. I think at lvl 4 I would have loved the extra attack. At lvl 7 it wasn't enough until we gained the extra equipment. Now I'm usually able to kill the razorback (or what's his face) in the first round.
  • BrandenF May 2011
    Ya the stingray. If the archer hits mid/high can kill it b4 it gets a chance to launch shit at me
  • thorg May 2011
    I average 6 kills a day, on lv 6, with 3 skls on def and 3 on att. But I agree movement is key,so I always buy a med stamina in town
  • Freezing May 2011
    I'm actually beginning to believe that selling every healing pot and turn them into sta pots is better than using them for battle. Going to test this on lvl 8 data. 1 hp at lvl 7 was literally only. 03 exp
  • Yarix May 2011
    Not the small pots.
    I think on average you'll make 7xp in stars for 4 moves. Small pots equate to one mv, thus 2xp. Medium pots are then 8xp, large are 16 (rounding errors taken for granted)
    A battle costs me 6 pots on avg and gains me 17xp vs the 12 for stars, so... game on!

    Now if you also take the drop-chance * lvl-of-booty (at lvl11) it becomes 30% * 6 = 2 gold return which almost makes medium pots battle worthy as well.

    Finally, if you focus on battling wizards in your path (in your way when walking to that star) you see that medium pots also are best used for health... ok, who am I kidding, I just love the fight !
  • Freezing May 2011
    Just did the math, and selling the pots is an exp loss at all levels. :-[
  • Yarix October 2011
    bump. [edited: actually, I'm not sure if this is the right one. Oh well. It discusses skills =; ]

    So, now that's out of the way:

    Expand with the new skills.
    So, first skills? 3x moves. I think the first three levels were relatively easy on the battles (sorry, it's been a while, correct me if I'm wrong) and moves remain the primary resource in this game.
    Then 1x learning (take at least health spell)
    and then 3x recovery. I don't think another skill gives 120 health (180 if you're at 105 moves).
    Continue as mentioned above in this thread [eh, it didn't] and extra learning somewhere along the way (I love blind. I'd love bloodlust too but blocking gets me aggravated as it is...)
  • ZeroZone October 2011
    If I was to start a new game I would use learning on lv 1 and get heal... The next three levels mana rec at lv 5 learning again for blind.

    Bloodlust seems nice but its rather costly on mana and id rather use heal or mass heal
  • Yarix October 2011
    Or blind. Love blind
  • GiantSquid October 2011
    IMO, Movement is no longer a useful skill after you hit level 11 and have bought all the extra troops. If you can earn 15 gold for every 17 moves you basically have unlimited moves. That's fairly easy to do with combat as long as you can keep your hp high enough to keep fighting, so I think the goal is to build for that.

    Level 1: learning + heal
    Level 2-12: max attack, then luck, then def. Mix in learning and additional spells as needed.

    Right now I'm level 12 with basically this build (10% melee resist, one level of learning since I was level 11 when spells were added) and tearing it up. 29 luck means a lot of crits and blocks. I bring four ranged into battle and whatever melee unit has the most hp.
  • Yarix October 2011
    Yeah, you laugh now. Just wait until you need to spend your money on health first...
  • Capitulator March 2012
    I have a twist. I maxed out mana to get 5 per move. One sleep can reduce multiple hits. That equates to a lot of healing and the ability to do mote battles. It also adds a way to counter when you get unlucky in a battle to keep from loosing.
  • Yarix March 2012
    Sleep? Autocorrect for mass shield?
  • Tentacle March 2012
    mass shield... hmm... maybe I should start using that one. I hate these ranged units from lvl 20, if I get a block I can only kill one of them in the first round... I guess I have to re-think my strategy a little bit. Or just start using potions again to max out the possible fights..!
  • shadowspires March 2012
    I think blind, high attack, high luck, and high mana recovery are the way and light... got to 15th level before resetting character to startup with perfect arrangement and to build a perfect fighting record. I could play in perpetuity by buying up stamina potions in bulk and just clearing everything...

    At 6th on restart and it is slow at this level, but was before... my strategy:
    1. learning + ice bolt (ice bolt is cheap and useful to knock off a bad guy that didn't fall when expected)
    2. attack +1
    3. learning + blind
    4. mana recovery + heal, stop buying anything from town... just live off land and cash in everything not useful... need to start buying additional troops
    5. mana recovery
    6. mana recovery
    7. attack +1, hope to buy master elf archerer
    8. attack +1
    9. luck +1, hope to buy grey mage
    10. luck +1
    11. luck +1

    Having four missile guys, stocked up attack, luck, and range bonus... plus lots of mana to blind everything that gets close seems to let me play in forever!

  • CaptainIsh March 2012
    That's pretty much my setup now, and *was* awesome till lvl 13 when the new mobs decided to gear up and whoop my ass X( But the previous couple of lvls before that just flew by and was able to slay anything that remotely even thought about looking at me sideways. Starting to regret not putting points into def instead of med, but oh well :-@