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  • Vincendra April 2011
    So I thought of some spells, which you can cast outside of battles for your party. A spells-button could be added in the party list.

    1.) Heal: completely restores a teammembers life.

    -> CD: 3 hours.

    2.) Blessing: completely heals your party.

    -> CD: 24 hours.

    3.) Enforce: gives you extra attackpower ( + 1/2 level) for 1 hour.

    -> CD: 4 hours.

    4.) Protect: gives you extra defense ( 1/2 level)

    ->CD: 4 hours.

    5.) Teleport: ports your party back to town.

    -> CD: 12 hours.

    6.) Speed up: your party can move 2 / 3 tiles with 1 point of stamina.

    -> CD: 12 hours.

    7.) Lucky charm: increase your luck ( 1/2 level)

    -> CD: 4 hours.

    CD = cooldown.

    For balance issues it should maybe only be possible to use 1 enhancing spell at one time.

    If anyone got more ideas post them :)
  • Gogan April 2011
    Hmm .. I think about the healingspeels .. Im on lvl 6 with lvl 6 armor and lvl 6 shoes and 3 points in medicine skill .. I get 168 hp a day .. Plus 81 moves a day .. I can get back 249 hp a day .. On higher lvl more .. And don't forget the 24 extra movement regeneration from the skill later ... So. Does it make sence to waste ur skillpoints in healing spells? ... I would my skill points not waste for healing spells ... The teleport spell would b cool :-)
  • Vincendra April 2011
    Spells should not cost skillpoints but be available from the start.
  • Gogan April 2011
    Aahh .. Okay .. :-) .. Cost the spells stamina or food? ... Stamina would b better, maybe between 5 and10 stamina .. The teleport zero stamina and the heal all 20 ... Plus cooldown ... When spells for free or for food its not balance .. Even with 100 food los after heal spell u get it easy back after a fight ... Or maybe food in % .. Heal spell 80% from maximum food and heal all 90% ... Plus 24 hour cooldown ... On this way the game still be a little hard ... Yeas, I realy dont want that the game gonna be 2 easy :-D ...
    What other player thinks? U wanna have a easy or a hard game?
  • Skuggan May 2011
    I like the idea of having spells.

    It's a casual game and therefore it shouldnt try yo be hardcore when it comes to battles. It should be somewhat easy, if Pjuros target still is casual play. It's no secret that most MMO's today are much easier than they initially was, it's the only way to attract a wide range of players.
  • Koiteth May 2011
    ooooh don't make it too hard yet.Still have to win a lev 7 battle with all units standing. ;;)
  • BrandenF May 2011
    May the shwarts(sp) be with you!!!
  • Yarix May 2011
    ...check please!
  • BrandenF May 2011
    Yyogurt?! I hate yogurt! Especialy rasperry
  • It could cost mp? :-bd
  • Made new thread with my idea which is a combo between terror4627 and Vincendra