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  • delfonic March 2013
    Hail god of what we know as 'Dragon Collector', I was just curious if this game has been completly sat aside? As a player with plenty to build upon, i'd still love something new. Please let us know in the least your still around :) HOLLA HOLLA. Delfonico Codonis.?!
  • So, back in december you said something about an update in the forums... no pressure but its april now... just wondering if poor sefren is ever going to face a new challenge!
  • Yarix April 2013
    And Yarix too (well, ok, he's dead now, but still, he might gave a kid somewhere. Right?)
  • pjuros June 2013
    Hi, I managed to put some dev time into "Dragon collector RPG" and result is new battle system. Later this day I will put new version on Google play.
  • pjuros June 2013
    And forum is full of spam. Time to clean up thigs a little bit.
  • steveyD_1 June 2013
    God be praised!