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Please help - playing for a while, but can't figure some things out
  • poolbaby February 2013
    1. How do you learn new spells? Can you?
    2. Do the characters on the map (elf, white mage, etc.) do anything? Why are they there?
    3. Why can't I equip some items (gloves, shield, etc.)? Are these for other characters?
    4. What's up with the silver coin? Use it or sell it just gets you one coin... is there something more to it?

    Also, wish it were possible to have three games going instead of just two. Would be cool to have one game going each as an elf, swordsman, and white mage (just saying).

    I'm level five on one game, level four on the other. I have not purchased any new people (probably a bad move).
  • Tenkai February 2013
    1. You use to be able to but not anymore. Spells are assigned to characters you buy and start with.
    2. No. They are other peoples avatars that are also playing.
    3. Certain characters can only equip certain items.
    4. No