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GUI improvement
  • Tungmar January 2013
    I have two issues whit the current GUI of the game:

    - Blue text on black background/grey buttons. I can't read the blue text because of lack of contrast between foreground and background collor. Like the. Mana amount in the fight screen. On the grey buttons for the charachter selection the HP is very hard to read. The red on black is also not the easiest combination.

    - The direction buttons are small and I often miss it or hit the wrong one. I would prefere to have it over the full width of the screen and the stats bellow it. Yes that means I would have to scroll down to see it, but I habe to scroll even now a little bit to see the last line.

    Yes, I play the game on a phone whit a small screen (3inch, 320x480 pixel) and the game is probably not optimized for that. But would be nice :-)

    So much for my whishes for the game :-)

    Thanks for the game anyhow!