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Info from developer
  • pjuros December 2012
    I've been away from forum for some time, but game development is still on. Currently I'm working on new battle system (hex based grid) and it's hard to say when it will be released (couple of weeks maybe). I will try to post some more info on game forum.
  • Yarix December 2012
    Hi Petar, good to see you're back. Good luck with the development!
  • LPD688 December 2012
    Petar hope all is well. Good luck on the game development. You have a lot of hungry gamers out waiting. Glad to see you're back.
  • thorg December 2012
    Been away about as long as you have Petar, havent played either, for personal reasons.
    Glad to hear from you, anxious to see next update.
  • kariskakaris December 2012
    Glad to see u post peter. Hope all is well. Hex grid sounds awesome.