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Lost Characters
  • Lithos September 2012
    Hey Petar, I just lost both characters I had, and the recovery Keys are not being shown in the settings. Is there any other way to recover them or do I have to just bite the bullet, and start again? (And this time, write the keys down somewhere:) )
  • Dragondreamer November 2012
    Hello Petar, I also have a similar problem, I thought the recovery key would come back when I reinstalled the program, but it didn't. I've e-mailed you in the past, but somehow lost them. My name is Kimber, and my characters are dragondreamer and dragonkeeper on server one. Please e-mail me if you can find my address. Thank you
  • Nik December 2012
    Hi, I have a similar problem. At one point, the game generates an error and lost both of my character. I did not write down the keys. Can you help restore my characters? Played on the server number 1, the characters "ral" (level 12 warrior) and "Lich" (9 level mage)
  • Lithos December 2012
    Hey Nik/ Petar (you can find his email address in the About tab) with your information and he can help you recover your players
  • Nik December 2012
    Thx Lithos
  • pjuros December 2012
    Just email me and you can get your recovery keys.