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lvling characters
  • joker August 2012
    Do the original characters ever change or do you just buy new ones
  • pjuros August 2012
    Yes,their attributes change with level, but main attacks stay the same.
  • Gloom September 2012
    Hello. My question is very simple. Whenever any character level rises, gives you to choose two things .... ¿you always are the same or is it random?. I say this because I have a level Dwarfal 44 and only 14 in attack ..... I wonder rarely climbing this attribute. Good luck and sorry for my English, I'm from Spain .... I hope you understand my question.
  • Gloom September 2012
    Let's see, if I did not explain well. If I delete my Dwarfal and buy another, maybe when I have more attack level 44 to just 14, so I hope you understand better my question. Is that of the two attributes that puts me every time I went up level, rarely appeared Attack, usually magic or mana (not that I want that attribute in Dwarfal)

    I hope you understand me. Sorry my English.
  • Woar September 2012
    It is random. So next time when you get to level 44 (max is 50) your attack might be 20. Or if unlucky... 10.
    Good luck. Its not a bad idea if you are unlucky.
    But... What is your defence... If you use him mainly as a tank perhaps defence is his most important attribute?
  • Gloom September 2012
    Ok thks. My defender is 25. I like Dwarfal for multi-atack no for tank.
  • HuiBuh September 2012
    Pjuros said in a post that he plans to build a possibility to reset your character. But no clue when that will happen