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New unit ideas
  • Felistad August 2012
    Dual axe wielder, no armor, blood frenzy skill.

    Uses new weapon (polearm) has reach attack.

    Blood mage:
    Uses sp and HP to cast powerful spells

    No attack, but 2-3 mass buff spells, including sp restore.
  • So I know the game has basically lost dev support but I'm bored waiting for wings to cook so here's a comment: I know the issue of spells being blocked but unable to critically hit has been brought up before. A cavet to this oversight, at least with my gear set up, is that my mages rely heavily on mana leech for long-term combat efficacy. Eveyr block loses them roughly 25 mana. This combo of lack of crits+succeptibility to going 'oom' easily often makes taking in my basic level archer mandatory, or even preferable, to Oranginus or Fire Mage guys.
    Still, at max level I can roll basically un-interrupted through every map encounter I can find.