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Can't get onto the map any more. HELP.
  • Angel August 2012
    Basically one of my characters was fighting someone (Lucien - Server 02) and I got a phone call during it, so I answered it and itlast about 2 hours (Old friend called). I ended the call and the Dragon Collector Map screen was Black and Frozen. So I exited the game and opened the App again... Couldn't even select my character. Turned my phone off, turned internet off, turned it all back on, went back onto the game, could now select map again but its STILL A BLACK SCREEN WHICH IS FROZEN.

    I'm at a lost what to do. I even waited on that Blackscreen an hour... Nothing. Is there anything an Admin/Creator/SOMEONE... Do to help me get back to enjoying this game. = (
  • Angel August 2012
    Edit: Solved once I re installed the game and put in my recovery key. ;3