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  • sagely06 August 2012
    This may sound dumb, but i've bought all the characters so what is the point of clubs now? What do I do with them? And I can though any of the dungeons without the skeletons (5 of them) before I kill even one of them and my characters are all above level 12
  • Yarix August 2012
    Well, there are two main purposes for money: buy characters (new ones are expected within a few days) and to buy stamina and health pots.
  • HuiBuh August 2012
    Maybe you can buy some grammar and spelling ;-) I don't understand you, are you complaining about not being able to make it through dungeons? It's halfway skilling and items that help you through!
  • sagely06 August 2012
    Its the auto correct on my phone and I don't double check what it says. Lol. Which is my bad lol and I am complaining about the dungeons because I go in with level 16 characters and I'd like to think I have a pretty good grasp on tactical battling since I have been playing rpgs for over fifteen years now, not that that means I have skill. I guess I must just be missing something in the tactical department. I didn't know about the new update until now so I'm very excited. Thank you for the advice
  • Tentacle August 2012
    well, characters of my mage are all around lvl 20 to 25, dungeons are still a big challenge. I seem not to have very good items though... at lvl 12 characters your player is what, lvl 5 or 6? maybe just still too weak...
  • Yarix August 2012
    Yeah, I agree. Even at player lvl 10 I found dungeons non too interesting. Problem is: outside the mobs depend on the player's level while the dungeon mobs are fixed. That's also the reason why dungeons are so interesting to high lvl players; outside mobs are much harder
  • sagely06 August 2012
    Thank you do much, That was extremely helpful and makes so much sense because the outside battles are hard enough, I think I just leveled up and now have 5 enemies to my five charac. So I will give it some time until I try the dungeons again. Thank you. Hopefully this upgrade will help make a difference. :) i'm excited for it.