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Win Ratio on Player Status
  • phoenix13 April 2011
    Could you please add the Win Ratio to the player status section so that you can see you own win ratio without needing to look at the scoreboard. The other 2 scoreboard figures are already available in the player status section.
    Also, my win ratio does not show in the scoreboard as I am yet to have a loss so would be something like 20/0 which is mathematically not possible. Could this be calculated as a win ratio of 20 for the sake of displaying in the scoreboard?
  • pjuros April 2011
    Hm, something should be done about that, I'll see where stats could be diplayed in game. About ratio with 0 loses, that will be fixed soon.
  • pjuros April 2011
    Changed, now win ratio is displayed as percentage. Only players with more than 25 batlte wins are in statistics.
  • phoenix13 April 2011
    Excellent, great work on the quick scoreboard change. I look forward to seeing the win ratio in game
  • Yarix April 2011
    That's a bummer for Shifter...
    [edit: whoops, for most of us. I'm now at 100... but I still think Shifter will be hurting most :p ]
  • Gogan April 2011
    Dam xD now I hate me lose the fight to b in town -:) ... Hope they lose some battles at lvl 6 :-D :-P
  • Bitz81 April 2011
    Yeah, I too was sitting 5 from the top, not realizing that some 50 other people have not lost in battle yet.
  • Darkmeat April 2011
    No. 164!
  • Eightz April 2011
    I have a bad batting average.
  • BrandenF April 2011
    My win/loss sucks due to repeated suicides for new random location
  • Shifter April 2011
    I actually don't mind. It's my own Dang fault for getting greedy just before level 2. XD

    As for why I've been playing cautiously? Evil permadeath/roguelikes have influenced me.
  • Koiteth April 2011
    I wouldn't know I'm still not on the dam board! My stats must be dreadful! :-S
  • phoenix13 May 2011
    Hi Petar,
    Any news on when the win ratio will be available in game?
    Otherwise, for people not in the top 200 (for each of the scoreboard categories) could you display the figures of the logged in user at the bottom of the grid? (without rank, but with if possible)
    This wouldn't increase the rendered content by much but allow people to see how their figures compare, making them feel a bit more involved, rather than just appearing like its a game where only the top 200 is important.
    Could you please also highlight the logged in users row in the scoreboard red (or other colour of preference) so that it is easier to see quickly?
  • BrandenF May 2011
    Step it up to top 200 ;p
  • phoenix13 May 2011
    I'm actually ranked 43rd on Experience & 12th on Win Ratio, so this request isn't for my benefit.
    This is a selfless request to try and make the game as enjoyable for beginners as it is for us in the top 200
  • BrandenF May 2011
    I was just pickin. No need to go superhero on me lol
  • U selfless butthole!