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Dragon collector RGP v1.20 - release
  • pjuros July 2012
    Version 1.20 has been released on Google Play Store. New features:

    - multiple item buying
    - upgraded equip dialog
    - 3 new attack types (for new units)
  • Woot to that.
  • Tenkai July 2012
    @pjuros are you planning on adding more swords? The highest base attack sword is 6attack but for the bow and staff it is 9
  • pjuros July 2012
    @tenkai yes there will be more items.
  • Yarix July 2012
    Nice update, I really like the new equip/replace interaction. And now I can't wait for the new units :-D
  • LPD688 July 2012
    What new units? There are none unless I'm missing something.
    And what new attack types?
  • Xyzzy July 2012
    I like the equipment replace option and the multipurchase is going to be great when i re-up on stam pots. Dying to see the new units.
  • pjuros July 2012
    @LPD688 when all players upgrade to 1.20 new units will become available in unit shop
  • LPD688 July 2012
    How are players to know if and when that happens? Did you put code in to take in account some players may not upgrade?
  • HuiBuh July 2012
    Holy cow.. What about the inactives? We'll never get the new units!
    Rest of changes, thumbs up
  • pjuros July 2012
    At some point old versions of game will be denied to login, so players will have to upgrade to continue play game. From previous upgrades it takes around 10 days for all active players to upgrade.
  • Xyzzy July 2012
    Ooooo. How much they cost? Got 1800 saved up.
  • LPD688 July 2012
    Pjuros thanks for the added info. That's good news.
  • delfonic July 2012
    COOL COOL!! Been saving munnies for this, and I'm sure, as always, its not gonna be a let down. Great work alway PJ
  • HuiBuh August 2012
    Still no new units... One day to go?
  • Xyzzy August 2012
    Im sooo excited. I cant stand it. Neeed new units... =P~
  • HuiBuh August 2012
    Still waiting... Other thing, pjuros.when have you removed the good items (like +5 sword) from shop? Now there's even less to buy for ones money :-(
  • fenrrirr August 2012
    nothing happend yet, when will the changes start?
  • Grimmitch August 2012

    I like the new update, like everyone else, I'm impatiently waiting for the new units. I understand that coding can take a long time, but it seems like there are some basic changes that should be made quickly before any big changes are made.

    I know new units are on their way but here is my thoughts on the current units;

    Swordsman, white image, archer - good starting units no changes necessary.

    Fire starter - best unit in the game IMHO

    Assassin - great unit but why can he cast sleep? He isn't a mage, I think it would be cool if his special made him disappear and do double damage when he attacks being invisible

    Orange mage - disappointing. He has a good amount of mana but mass heal is useless . It takes way too much mana and does not heal enough . I never use it. He should be better than the fire starter not worse. Give him a ice storm spell similar to fire rain with more damage.

    Elf commander - best archer in the game, atleast I use his magic
  • Grimmitch August 2012
    Ranger - heal is useless, I never use it. I think he should be able to use a bow and a sword. Add a sword slot in his inventory and let him attack ranged and melee

    Knight - not exciting but a good melee unit.

    New unit needed:
    Priest - give him the heal spells, reduce their mana cost and greatly increase the damagethey heal . Maybe give him the assassins sleep spell.
  • Grimmitch August 2012
    Map changes are needed as well. How about making different level mobs to fight on the map? You could have something like this on your map if you were level 20; ogre mage (level 11-15) undead wizard (16-20) dragon (20-25). This way you could have more choice to what yo fight. Of course fighting lower level mobs would give less experience.
  • LPD688 August 2012

    I agree abilities that some of the units are more likely not to be used than others. Here's my take:

    Ranger - Good unit with strong attack, but why give him 2 moves a turn. My Ranger hardly ever moves in combat. Hence, he is an archer and stays behind the scenes as any military tactician would suggest. He needs improvements and offered better skills that could be utilized. A heal spell is not the answer.

    Elf Commander - Good unit with strong attack. Penetrating unblockable attack is okay, but I hardly ever use it because I do not want to use mana potions to recover mana points. To me he is no different than the Ranger except in my team he is my strongest most advanced unit.

    Knight - Excellent melee unit. He is the best unit of the game and utilizes a lot of resources. His hard skin spell makes him ever stronger. He is my tank and can soak up the damage while other units get the kills. Best defense skill of the game.

    Firestarter - Good magic unit. He is strong in magic, but that offers no bonus. He can inflict damage to numerous units at once...but only on the first sequence of the combat. Once he uses his mana (which my current is 268) his involvement in combat is limited and players will generally shield him from melee combat to prevent his death. He is not an effective melee unit. He needs additional skills and resources to utilize once mana is exhausted. Otherwise, a player cannot enter in combat repeatedly until his mana is recovered.

    Assassin - Good melee unit. This unit is my strongest attacker (because he can equip 2 weapons at once). I do not understand why he is equiped with a sleep spell. It only offers the bonus of stopping 1 enemy unit from participating in combat for a turn. It seems this skill could be utilized to develop this unit and supported by an additional skill. Otherwise, the spell should be paired with a magic unit.

    Swordsman - Weakest melee unit. I do not use him for that reason. He can soak up some damage, but his skills and resources are limited. When I did use him, he soaked up lots of heal potions which I offset by adding an additional archer unit. He offers no combat spell. I incorporated the Knight to be the tank of my team.

    Orange Mage - A magic unit I have not purchased because mass heal is useless. That's what heal potions are for. I've not run into a combat situation where I needed mass heal. Ice sword - single unit magic spell...this is limited and does not inflict enough damage to be useful. It would appear the Firestarter is the strongest magic unit and could use additional mana to boost his skills.

    The moral of this post: adding new units with new skills will not effect game play unless you start a new character unless the new units incorporate a players current skill level. Thus updates should be focused on altering the resources / spells each unit can utilize and adding a new component to the game that offers something more than kill monsters to increase a players stats.
  • LPD688 August 2012
    This post is probably in the wrong category...@pjuros - this game has so much potential. I have considered offering a donation to support the game's development, but the game offers nothing more than kill monsters to develop our players. I have read many of the posts and it appears many players have the same thought. I know you have worked hard and this is most likely not your primary source of income. Even though this game has the potential to go viral with its potential, the lack of support and updates to the game is making players look for other games that offer more. With better updates, I'm sure you will find players willing to support the game with monies being donated. However, until that happens more players will find other games to play and support. If the game developed well and was offered at a reasonable price, I would purchase the game.
  • I don't knoow what you all are doing (or why its being posted in this thread) but with my level 23 toon I've found a party with Knight tanking, orange mage, fire mage, commander and ranger gets me rolling through forest mobs with ease. Properly set up, each magic unit can spam their ranged attack through the entire fight, essentially I'm set up with 4 ranged 1 melee as it was before the big mana changes. Not sure why one would ever use those huge mana draining attacks (mass heal/fire rain), as it essentially nullifies the use of the unit minus their laughable melee damage, while their small mana single attacks are quite potent.
  • LPD688 August 2012
    @cbreidenbach what's your player name so I can see your setup for your units? I don't believe any of us said we were having a difficult time in battle. We were merely making suggestions to improve the game. You must drink quite a few health potions. And I suspect enemy units go around your Knight often because he can only block at most 3 units. At a high level, the enemies block is ridiculous and how often do you have your range / magic unit attacks blocked?
  • pjuros August 2012
    Thanks for all ideas. There is so much room to improve game, but only problem is time. This is one man project and I'm doing it in my spare time, so things are developing very slow, but I'll try to bring new stuff into game as often as possible.
  • Angel August 2012
    So you said it takes like 10 days for EVERYONE to update and all old ones update auto/removed. But its been like. double that. WHEN are we getting the new units?!
  • HuiBuh August 2012
    Pjuros, ever thought about getting some help? I think manpower is what's really needed here. I really appreciate your game, but this is a fast world :-(
  • My character's name is Sefren on s3. Usuallly what happens on a forest map is the knight hits a choke point and is able to collect all melee. Fortunately (orr unfortunatly depending on viewpoint) in those high level encounters the majority of units are often ranged, so the damage USUALLY is spread out: ranged get attacked by ranged units except first volley goes to knight, and melee obviously go for the knight. I prioritize defense and melee/ranged resist, hp on knight and he is beastly right now, normal hits never get above 100 damage, usually between 50 and 70. My mages I have full mana leach gear on, the regen about 20 mana per hit (or as I see it abour a 50% reduction in mana cost). They unfortunatly are blocked at the same rate as any other unit which can lead to some rough fights, but they are reliable to keep hitting throughout the fight. As far as potions go, I do a save/spree regimen, where I don't use pots at all normally so I have them to use en masse when I'm bored or need something to occupy me (what I have a game on my phone for), so normally I can do about 3-6 forest fights or infinite dungeons, as long as I can find them, without using pots.

    Happy dragon hunting and yay for commondeering the 1.20 release thread.
  • Ghellere August 2012
    :-)) waiting units :)

    Love this game!
  • Ghellere August 2012
    Go Sefren! I am in server 3 too.
  • Yarix August 2012
    @lpd (on whichever post above): one thing you're missing by not using the other units is the extra hp & mp they represent. I happily use the assassin for a few battles until he's at low/0 hp. And I also block with my wizard if he's at low mp if that saves another unit
  • HuiBuh August 2012
    20 days without new units...
  • Tenkai August 2012
    Stop complaining because it is not helping...