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guilds rehashed & PvP
  • Just a thought on guilds and PvP

    Guilds have a maximum number of players equal to leaders level.

    Guilds get bonuses based on a number of things
    Bonuses for completing quests, bonus for guild KDR, bonus for bonus for guild rank, etc

    Bonuses would give any number of benefits to guild for guild wars. Such as boost to defense , offense , etc

    Guild wars- leaders can start guild wars where each guild fights one another in pvp. Would not affect normal game play. Winners receive rewards for guild for next guild war.

    Rewards- ????things like construct wall.( bonus to defense when someone attacks your guild, etc)????
    Rewards and bonuses only work for guild/ guild wars so bonuses wouldnt affect normal game play and keep fights between pvp balanced.

    This would still need a lot of editing but would be a lot of fun.
  • z__ August 2012
    Something like this, that builds player interaction, needs to happen quick. I'm bored. Honestly, haven't played in 3 weeks. Clicked an ad in the app for a new game. Oop! Been playing that. Dark summoner. You should check it out petar. Its a number cruncher with good drawings. Add the kind of heroine that that game features, and dragon collector would take off. Tough though, its like 30 japanese guys. For raw coding power, hard to compete with.
  • LPD688 August 2012
    @Z_ the updates have been coming out really slow, but give pjuros a bit more time. This game has lots of promise. One of these days new updates will make this game more than just kill monsters to increase your stats.
  • LPD688 August 2012
    I will say this the new units will not be of much use being the long delay. My units are so strong to bring in a new guy will be detrimental to my team. So a new update with some newer changes is a must.
  • HuiBuh August 2012
    That's truly a big problem. New units levels should be related to player level! Maybe with higher price also. But if it goes on like this, we'll never even get the new units. I really wanted to become a sponsor to be able to get them, but now I'm disappointed :O
  • Yarix August 2012
    One prob with auto-leveling: they don't receive the extra hp and mp for each lvl gained (at least, my lvl 25 chars didn't)...
  • z__ August 2012
    Make a training arena in town. Pay gold to train your units with a maximum xp\day limitation.
  • z__ August 2012
    @lpd688, I haven't given up. I check back in regularly. I was just pointing to some inspiration for petar of something that has totally engrossed me away from the game. And pointed out that I found it by clicking on one of his in game ads.I hope the revenue is worth the potential of losing players, because I am totally engrossed in the new game as I wait for this one to develop something other to do then collect chests and kill.
  • kariskakaris August 2012
    Im patient. This forum is to help give pjuros ideas and give players advice.

    Another idea for guild quests is to put random dungeon somwhere on map. Secret location and guilds would have to coordinate movement to find dungeon. Or just get lucky. Dungeon have tough boss which would give some sort of bonus. Like double unit exp.

    If we dont keep up on this stuff how is he to know what the players want. This tyoe of interaction between game designer and player will be the diff from great game to epic game.

    I have no problem building new units. We need to stop asking peter for compensation or whatnot. This game is constantly evolving. U can always atart over. I did and dont regret it. Fresh starts r nice.