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Mana Leach
  • LPD688 July 2012
    I have been monitoring the mana Leach skill in combat. I have noticed my mage should be leaching 6 points of mana per hit. He doesn't. He leaches 0 points. This needs to be corrected in the next update.
  • pjuros July 2012
    Everything should be ok with mana leaching. Send me your player name and server, so I can check things out.
  • LPD688 July 2012
    Lpd688 but I unequiped my mana Leach items so he's at 0 right now.
  • HuiBuh July 2012
    With which skills did you test it?
  • LPD688 July 2012
    I only have one mana leacher. My firestarter. Doesn't Leach on melee attack, fire rain or fire ball. Not sure if mana attack will negate mana Leach.
  • LPD688 July 2012
    @pjuros - did you ever check into whether the mana leach was okay or if it had a problem?
  • Yarix July 2012
    Mine seems to work fine although I did read this in another comment before (a few months ago)...
  • pjuros July 2012
    Everything is working fine. Mana leaching is percentage of damage that will return to unit as mana. So, if your unit has mana leaching of 7, and you deal 200 damage, you will get 14 points of mana. If your mana is at max you will not get anything.
  • LPD688 July 2012
    Oddly enough I armed my Firestarter with a new mana leaching staff after pjuros post and it started working. ????? Random glitch maybe...