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item swapp between accounts.
  • NUKE July 2012
    I have just noticed my first slot vs my second one(accounts)... well one has an abundance of armour and the other has too many weapons. I don't sell my stuff for the reason maybe Ill accidentally sell an item I need, so I keep the others as back ups, but it would be useful if I can distribute my total items with the two accounts... just as a thought, but I'm sure that's not possible because people could some how cheat by doing so and making the game unfair, but it doesn't mean Ima stop playing because of that... Ima play more to find the items I need! x)
  • delfonic July 2012
    I feel keeping the two accounts seperate would be better, your higher lvl acc could just twink your newer one, and that lessens the fun of treasure hunting. Perhaps w/ a gold cost to send items at cost to keep it fair. Seems to me the top ranks would just assume more higher ranks too quick.