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  • NUKE July 2012
    They made mages in this game very useless after the update.... ex: they only can attack 3 times at range with full magic, and only can move once per turn, they have a weak attack too. I liked the other mages that continuously attacked people at range with high attack. But it is very unfortunate now, since they are weaker and can't execute their skills like before.
  • MegaWoody July 2012
    I don't have a problem with it, yes its different and will take awhile to get use to but its just another thing you have to ply strategically. I don't have a problem with it now that I'm use to it and know how to play em
  • Woar July 2012
    It does get better. One mage I have atm has over 250 mana... So can hit all thru fight.
    My biggest gripe is that they get blocked yet they can't crit.
    The assassin often only gets the occasional 1 cast op. And this also gets blocked. A block spell getting blocked. :D
    If magic can be blocked, it should at least crit to balance things out.
    Having said that things get better as they level... I haven't purchased ANY on my new level 14. Because I learned from trying to play my level 25 that they are a bit useless atm and not worth the time spent levelling them for a new char. :D

    So yes the mages will improve as they level. But Petar needs to improve them.
  • z__ July 2012
    It is different, and the mages are much less bad ass in Petar's continual discrimination against magic. But they aren't so out there. On my lvl 15 fighter my firestarter has 279 magic with the lvl gear I have gotten. Switching him and my white mage makes me not have to use mana pots.

    On my lvl 8 mage character, my firestarter is already at 236 without good equip. Add in mage character advanced mana regen per turn.... I already never use mana pots. Once I get some alu boots for my mages they should have a regen of 10+ mana per turn.... so....its not that bad at all. Just different.
  • NUKE July 2012
    Yeah I see now!... I played a lot today for and already see the difference, they are getting stronger, yet not as fast as the other guys, but I'm okey doke with that.
  • HuiBuh July 2012
    I have a level 11 mage and a level 10 fighter. With the fighter, I do dungeons with no problem, the mage gets busted almost every time. So yeah, it IS imbalanced. I don't understand why the mage class doesn't have a magic + skill! there's still work to do pjuros :-(
  • LPD688 July 2012
    Z_ I find your mage comment that your firestarter is that strong at level 8. My firestarter is at level 25 and barely has that mana strength and only rejuvenates 6 mana a turn. What's your character name so I can see how you have him set up and with what equipment?
  • pjuros July 2012
    @HuiBuh - ofcourse mage class should have +magic skill, I can't belive I missed that. Skill exists in game engine, but it's not activated for mage class. Argh, soon skills will get upgrade.
  • Yarix July 2012
    And we a class reset...?
  • Xyzzy July 2012
    I like the sound of that. I have an archer I wish was a mage. Plus mages are the only character class that can increase luck.
    Before the update my character Xyzzy (rest his soul) had maxed luck and equipment was always luck oriented. I woukd crit all the time. Once I even crit with all my characters in a row in a round. I miss that. =((
  • HuiBuh July 2012
    @pjuros Hoorraih! when do you think this will happen? I'm not playing my mage now, cause he rly sucks :-( Just like yarix, I'd recommend a class reset then, but for all three classes. If you do that, the tweaks for the other classes (if there are any) should be ready. Thanks for the good work by now