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XP per turn post
  • delfonic July 2012
    Just to see if maybe I suck or on pace I was going to ask peeps to post their level and xp per turn.

    XP pull: .61/turn

    Any and all please post.
  • Yarix July 2012
    Yeah, that could be better. I walk to much for my taste but that's still better than wasted moves. Still, I rate 2.43 (lvl11)
  • z__ July 2012
    Lvl 15
    1.51 xp\turn
  • Lvl 22
    1.76 xp/turn
  • 1.88 lvl 11
    dont get to play as much as i used to so i waste turns cause i know i wont get a chance to play cor a while..
  • thorg July 2012
    Lv 11 2.48 & lv 8 2.26
  • delfonic July 2012
    Lol I do believe I've been pot and chest hunting abit too much, lost of pots though.
  • Woar July 2012
    Old char level 25: 2.83xp per turn.
    New char level 13: 3.71xp per turn.
  • Yarix July 2012
    Someone has time on his hands. I'm not bitter. :-)
  • Woar July 2012
    Yeah I'm on holiday. :D
  • Xyzzy July 2012
    1.8...havent broke the 2 barrier yet. How do you guys do that?
  • Woar July 2012
    Login often, only move if there is something to fight, or very close. Travel from fight to fight, don't go back and fourth. I even skip very easy dungeons atm, as they just aren't worth enough xp per move for my level 13. Easy dungeon is though.
    My level 25. Well he can only do dungeons, doesn't get played much anymore -just login sometimes to see if anything is near. He got all his xp in the old version of the game.
  • CaptainIsh July 2012
    Lvl 18 2.04
    Lvl 8 1.45

    New guy does tend to wander a bit more between battles, usually looking for mana pots or just recharging/collecting...old guy - yeah doesn't get used too much now, he's too hard to play!
  • Yarix July 2012
    Same for me. New guy avoids stars & dungeons to optimize the units, old guy hardly does anything but. Last time he took on an outside mob he was blocked over 15 times (I kid you not) and ended up in town...
  • MegaWoody July 2012
    Lvl 25 2.29
    Lvl 8 3.04 and undefeated so far
  • Xyzzy July 2012
    Up to 1.90. Been playing at work....Shh dont tell.
    What do you do if there is nothing any where but you maxed on movement? Dont want to stand around cause the longer you wait the longer your "losing" generated steps.
  • MegaWoody July 2012
    Sadely got my first lose, but moved up to 3.26

    When I'm maxed i move about 10 spots and if I still hit nothing i'll wit an hour to try again
  • Woar July 2012
    If you login every few hours you will normally find enough stuff, I just keep going until I run out of moves if there is stuff to fight, and use stam if needed, then login regularly to keep moving if stuff around.
    The only time that I find that I have max stam but nothing around is after sleep. Solution, take a few steps hoping something is near, if nothing login often hoping for reset, only moving again if stam maxed out again or something to do.
    I do easy dungeons, it is a good strat to not gets stars or dungeons to max chars and kills per char levels as mentioned by others above... But I collect stars (only if on my way to something else) and easy dungeon. I find very easy not worth the moves.

    Current xp per move 3.91 @ level 14. Hoping to get to 4xp per move. At some point I expect around level 20 I'll no longer try to keep a high xp per move as that would make the game slow. At the moment fights are fair, so with some pots I can fight all day.
  • Xyzzy July 2012
    Thanx guys. I made it to 2.00 xp per move.
    I can finaly make it through the very easy dungeon so when I see one I go for it. Ahh sweet Revenge.
  • Woar July 2012
    Yay. Just made 4xp per move. Woooop.

    4.01xp per move in fact. :D
  • Yarix July 2012
  • Xyzzy July 2012
    Had a thought. What about putting exp per move on the leader board?
  • Woar July 2012
    I'm already putting too much effort into xp per move... Making a leader board would just make me worse!
    Boast post: 4.28xp per move. :O @ level 16.
    I'm addicted.
  • Angel July 2012
    I have no issues in wasting time pot hunting/chest hunting. In at level 1 I spent ages getting like 150 health and 150 mana potions so that I could sell all the chest items I didn't need + sold all the mana pots then leveled so i could get the 2 Archers. Came in handy in the early levels to get the EXP fast and to have a good pot supply for the early levels. I've just turned level 10 and I still have 50 small / 63 medium pots.

    Im in no rush to get exp. Just having fun and going at my own pace. Im 13th in the win ratio leader table though! Haha.
  • Xyzzy July 2012
    Nice. I usually have about 5-10 mana/ health pots of each size. I see a pot or a chest I go for it. Try to keep my exp per turn above 2, since I've reached it. I love dungeons too, which doesnt help. Lol. Hanging out at lvl 13 right now. Somewhere in the middle of the boards.
  • Woar September 2012
    Boast post: 5xp per turn! @ level 19.

    Yes... I've changed my entire playing style to boost xp per turn. I now waste the majority of my daily turns. :(

    But because of this I play less and considering I already have a level 25 and now a level 19, playing less with my "maximizing xp per turn strat" is probably a good thing.

    Level 25: 2.86 xp per turn
    Level 19: 5.00 xp per turn
  • Xyzzy September 2012
    That's awesome! I hang around about 2.7. I buy loads of stam pots so I run all over the board. AndI love the dungeons. I run them with all melee for S & Gs.