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Update from v1.11
  • LPD688 July 2012
    @pjuros - any news on a pending update?
  • pjuros July 2012
    I have no idea, but it will be very soon, in week or two.
  • BrandenF July 2012
    What's on the menu for it?
  • pjuros July 2012
    2 new units with new attacks, better equipment handling, buying multiple items at once and maybe some early beta version of PvP battle arena, just to start testing things
  • delfonic July 2012
  • z__ July 2012
  • Yarix July 2012
  • =P~
  • thorg July 2012
  • Xyzzy July 2012
  • BrandenF July 2012
    Sounds like a whole lotta meat on that bone. I like it
  • CaptainIsh July 2012
  • Yarix July 2012
    To be frank, pvp starts to scare me, my L11 team is (except for equipment) superior to my l25. I mean really. L35, 34 & 31 vs 28,26 & 25 for my ranged units
  • Eightz July 2012
    Im in the same boat you are Frank. I just wish my new character was an archer instead of the mage. Maybe in the future we could get a third character so we could have one of each. Then ill never get off the pot.
  • BrandenF July 2012
    I might buyout my phone contract. So BrandenF may end up retired :(

    Sick of 200 dollar phone bills
  • Xyzzy July 2012
    Yoy can still play online, right?
  • Eightz July 2012
    You can still use your phone via wifi
  • Xyzzy July 2012
    Ok, I have a Dragon Axe (10). Petar please tell me one of the next units is going to able to use it. [-O<
  • pjuros July 2012
    Yes, one of next units will use axe.
  • Xyzzy July 2012
    Thank. Can you say how much they will cost? Im guessing about 5 but would like to know for sure.