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multi character fight bug
  • Eightz July 2012
    I entered a fight with my player 2 and left the fight to do something else on my phone. I went back to the game l8ter and used player 1. I entered a fight and was put back in the player 2 fight. I finished and brought me to the map screen for player 1. When i used player 2 again, i had to do the fight again.
  • Yarix July 2012
    Did the first fight count? Did p1 gain xp, gold,...? 'Cause that would be "interesting"...
  • Yarix July 2012
    Tried to replicate but it didn't work for me
  • Eightz July 2012
    I didnt notice if the first fight counted.
  • Felistad August 2012
    I had a similar issue, player 1 was gonna lose so I quit for a bit came back later as player 2. Lost player 1s fight and it counted against player 2. Then got on player 1 and lost again. Also counted for player 1. Lost perfect record on both players in one fight.