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No poll attached to this discussion.
new skills, abilities, and spells wish list
  • New skills or epic skills
    Haste skill - requirements (3 skill points fast movement....?)
    Benefit - all mages gain plus one movement
    Death blow - requirements ( 3 skill points in attack or magic skill...?)
    Benefit - dealing death blow gains 1 and a 1/2 sp and hp leaching bonus
    Spells and a abilities
    I would like to see all units with some sort of abilities or larger perameter of spells maybe spells and abilities get stronger. Make sp lvl high for fighters so they cant use them until higher lvls
    Assassin - hide! instead of sleep? It makes more since.
    Benefit - makes you invisible so enemies cant attack him that round. Allows
    Block choke points, upgrade...allows you to attack round after hide
    That attacks does sneak attack damage for automatic max damage
    Or automatic criticle. Next upgrade allows maybe both max damge
    Fighter - cleave - when fighter deals death blow he can automatically make another
    Attack on any unit in range. Sp cost35?
    shield guy - hard skin. - same as before or instead he could get plus 50 resistance to
    Everything for one round upgrade allows gains you +5 for every
    Upgrade or increase hard skin 4 points every upgrade.
    Spell casters
    Dark mage - fireball,life leach sp70 bypasses resistance and gain damage dealt into
    Healing. Sp leach - does no damge but gains back 40 sp and coat no sp but deals
    No damage. Disintegrate Destroys target enemy if not blocked. Lol SP cost 100
    Also drains dark mages life down to 1 hp. Weaken - lowers all enemies attributes by
    Half.sp. ost 60
    Drawback - dark mage connot be healed by healing spells. Only potions.

    Priest or white mage. Heal, mass heal, heavenly blow ( same as fireball ) , hevenly
    Protection sp cost 60 gains 10% block chance. Wrath of a god - Sp cost 100. Touch
    Instant death if not blocked.
    Firestarter/ battle mage- fireball, firerain, meteor shower - sp cost 120. Deals damage to
    Half the board.
    Bonus - battle mage has two movement

    Elf commander - same upgrade increases damage.
    Ranger - same upgrade 5% bonus to healing.
    Archer. - multi shot - gains two attacks at half damage. Each upgrade allows extra
  • valjean July 2012
    Great ideas. But remember, as we get stronger, so should they. Would you want to see the mobs with the same powers?
  • Yes sir. Right now they r strong enough with block and resistance. It would make for more strategies. Especially PvP. archers r to strong or more like mages and h2h guys r to week except for assassin. The classes would be a lil more balanced. Im not saying i want to see it all. i was just throwing out ideas. The more chat the more refined the ideas become. This was just a start.
  • An idea I had would be something that either reduces enemy defense, and most preferrably block. It could either reduce by a %, or my favorite, eliminate their ability to blockk all together. That or reduce their resistance to magic/melee/ranged. Rend armor or sunder armor seems like a good spell, maybe on rogue or warrior. Maybe mage has one that is weakness to magic.
  • poopass July 2012
    Im thinking maybe a coin that you could use to teleport to the town
  • valjean July 2012
    It seems like many of us are avoiding exp stars on the map. Getting these will increase our character without increasing our units. A higher character level without high level units just makes the game harder.

    What if the exp stars gave us unit exp points that we could disperse? For example, you get a star that awards you 10 exp. Your firestarter is 6 exp away from a level. You give him his respective 6 exp, and give the other four to your evil kiwi. (If I beg enough, one day the evil kiwi will be a playable unit.)

    Or, to make it simpler, you could select that whole star to go toa certain character. This way, a high level character can purchase a new unit and be able to make him usable without crippling the whole team each battle.

    Any thoughts?
  • Yarix July 2012
    That. Would. Be. SOOOO Cool! =P~
  • MegaWoody July 2012
    Good idea, but thinks its unnecesary. I didn't avoid anything with my new character and actually find the game much easier than it was before. Characters level up quick enough having characters lvl 25+ when I'm only on 10, when in the old version characters stayed with the level. My other account is at lvl 25 so when this version came out it was much harder with characters also 25. Pretty much, this game just got much easier, too easy if you ask me and if anything changes it would mean making it tougher for easy lvls
  • Xyzzy July 2012
    I like the idea.
  • Yarix July 2012
    So W00dy, how often do you do forest battles with your lvl 25 char? I recently tried again and after a zillion blocks ended up in town again. I can certainly use an extra way to improve my units...
  • MegaWoody July 2012
    I do em regularly now, my archers are almost lvl 50 now. I'm building all 9 characters, but yes i do lose once in a while from the blocks but I stopped worrying about it and now it doesn't seem to phase me. I can only imagaine how easy its going to be when I reach 25 with my new character with all my characters maxed at 50 already
  • Woar July 2012
    Sounds like he is talking about how easy it will be for his new char when@level 25.
    You need to keep doing dungeons Yarix until your chars get higher and better equip. It's too dangerous otherwise.
  • MegaWoody July 2012
    Its super easy for my new character already, only lost once. But yes i stuck to dungeons for a bit, raising my new characters and now I don't really worry about losing in the forests as long as my archers are near full health. I go into every battle with 3 archers, 1 mage and a fighter and continuously swap my fighters and mages every fight and usally I move enough turns where I can keep using them without needing potions.
  • Xyzzy July 2012
    I find that combo seems to work the best.
    Im just waiting for the new units!!!!