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priority update IMO
  • z__ June 2012
    Excellent update petar. Really made the game brand new and should keep us all busy for a while. Seen some good suggestions for mechanical improvements like magic tweaks, scrolls, item improvements.

    But i think your new update is enough for those kinds of things for a while. Here's where i would prefer to see the focus:

    The only thing mmorpg about this game are leaderboards. Okay, and map competition. There's no story, there's no player interaction. Thats what this game needs most next, not new candy.

    There's nothing else to do but collect xp and stuff.

    I think you need either quests to add some story into things or... an idea from other players is guilds. Guilds is a great start for player interaction and would totally boost player excitement to the next level.

    Honestly....there's enough stuff to collect right now. Let's get people personally vested in the game community with some kind of feature that has people working together on a goal.

    Just my opinion.:-D
  • pjuros June 2012
    That is good advice. I was thinking first to do PvP, some kind of battle arena where players could battle and try out units and tactics against other players. Guild is next big step and definitely a must.
  • z__ June 2012
    You know, either one would boost game excitement big time. The boards would probably crash the first day of such a release. :D
  • BrandenF June 2012
    Battle arena my rear end. I haven't half assed keeping top ten exp to not be able to mop the floor with random noobs lol. This is where guild politics would come in to offer some protection...
  • Yarix June 2012
    I like that. "So you want some protection, no? Don't worry, it will be cheap" B-)
  • valjean June 2012
    I guess I need to resurect my lvl 22 guy. I'd rather be a boss than. A noob. Lvl 22 may not get me godfather status, but if you mess with me you would get a horsehead in your bed.
  • Yarix June 2012
  • BrandenF June 2012
    Think all I am is lvl 22 or 23. I honestly don't know
  • BrandenF June 2012
    What movie was that from? I can't remember
  • BrandenF June 2012
    Ok lvl 23 fighter. Patiently awaiting a chest or mob to drop the famed dragon pecker so I can stab yarix in the eye
  • Yarix July 2012
    Hah! you keep forgetting my cockhat protection
  • BrandenF July 2012
    This isn't over *plots*