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Dear Petar
  • I'm just so disappointed! I've been collecting stamina potions and healing potions for many months, as well as the best in items and tools, I'd purchased the best players and it's all gone! It's as if I was robbed of everything, except the small amount of gold I have (that would have been a large amount of gold, if I'd known to sell my items before the update). What about all your customers that don't visit the forum? I'm sure there are many unhappy people that weren't prepared for this, I'm so disappointed that my items weren't transferred! Why did we have to start all over again? I just don't think I've the heart for it, I'm too sad.
  • pjuros June 2012
    There were some huge changes in game engine so reset was necessary. I did my best to enable "old" players to keep as much as possible (exp, level, skill points, gold). There was in game message for all players to read forum, cause I don't have any other way to inform them.
  • z__ June 2012
    Its funner starting over from square one imo. Gj petar.
  • valjean June 2012
    There was a message on the main menu screen. And ir isn't petar's fault that you had auto update on. I had it on too. Starting from scratch is the way to go though.
  • BrandenF June 2012
    It was in big bold red print. "Update in 2 days visit forum for news" or something of the sort. Driving through stoplights? Lol
  • Yarix June 2012
    Yeah. Sorry to say so Dreamer but you can hardly blame Petar. It's still bloody hard but hey, I'm playing on s2 as well, just for fun. I might even donate again :-D
  • thorg June 2012
    I haven't converted MAX or DragonBalls yet and I'm not in a hurry to do so.
    I having fun playing a new Thorg again. \:D/
  • MegaWoody June 2012
    Petar, I don't know what it is or just bad luck but my last forest battle involved 13 blocks and only 1 was mine. Can you do something about that or is it just my bad luck that blocks are that bad
  • pjuros June 2012
    That's just your bad luck. And high level monster units have high block rate.
  • MegaWoody June 2012
  • Woar June 2012
    They certainly block a lot. :(
  • shadowsong June 2012
    @MegaWoody and @Woar - I was actually so pissed at one point that I started tracking the number of blocks... tracked on about 20 battles and even though the swings were crazy with some battles having many... there were so many that had none or one, that it actually made the average come done to expected numbers...

    Tracked on blocks (by enemy and friendlies), criticals, number of actual attacks made... All expected values were close to average over 20 battles...
    Does seem like there should be a max on the number of blocks that can happen in a single battle though... but I suppose that is what makes not dying a more difficult challenge...