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magic vs. fighter vs. archer
  • z__ June 2012
    After several days playing a fighter character and a mage character, here is what I have noticed. I have a lvl 14 fighter and a lvl 4 mage character with their respective units.

    The defensive capabilities of monsters seems to lag behind a fighters capability to add skill points through leveling and items to allow me an ever increasing capability to do damage.

    The magic defensive capabilities of units does not lag behind so much. My lvl 14 mage with 12 magic attack on ave. Throws a fireball for 107 damage. My lvl 4 mage with 4 magic attack throws a fireball for 98 damage.

    Criticals do not apply to magic. I've done a fair amount of fighting. I've had plenty ofranged and melee crits, but never a single fireball crit despite burning through plenty of mana pots.

    Archers have done on average slightly less damage then a fireball. But not enough to be significant in face of the fact that archers are not limited by mana and can throw arrows endlessly.

    Blockomation has somewhat added to my characters block chance. And I noted that it seems like the monsters, while still getting more block than me, aren't as crazy skewed as before. But blockomation so far hasn't been a major game changer on the fighter sidedespite full skill sp and good items.

    I'll keep playing and see how things change up as I add more levels and items and report back to this post..but mage is definately getting the short end of the stick. As usual. ;)

    What have people doing archer characters found?
  • Vincendra June 2012
    At lvl 20 with decent gear, I use 2 mages, 1 archer, assassin for blind and the last I change between melee/ranged depending on the fight.

    The extra mana skill let me cast more. The mana leech is pretty useless, if your mages run out of mana you need to melee to fill up. At least you get back some of the manacost. + magic just helps 2 of 5 units :/ .
    Edit: leech gives me back ~ 20 mana on 45 mana spell. But that mage also has a leech amulet AND staff.
    Also leech doesnt work with firerain.
  • Elan_C June 2012
    Lev 18 archer class
    2 archers, knight, 1 mage (i swap based on which has mana), and either assassin or swordsman based on HP.

    Mage needs seriously higher damage spells, I'd easily drop the mage in favour of 3rd archer if I had one, as my archers on average do as much as a fireball
  • Elan_C June 2012
    Even if the mage had crazy-high mana cost spells, it would be worth it IMO

    Spell: immolate
    Mana: 150
    Damage: 180
    Target: Single monster

    You'd only get 1 casting per fight, maybe 2 at really high levels, but it would be worth it!
  • shadowsong June 2012
    I think magi should get low-damage(15-25) magic attack (that is still modifiable by magic attributes) they get for free and then spells for the good stuff as they are today.
    I think fighters should get chance to upgrade the positions they can move per round, enemies can move 4/3 to be able to attack in round two, but only one fighter is 3/3 to have a chance... but he'd be alone and bait.
    Archers are probably fine.

    And definitely think random skills is counter to game dynamics.
    I would definitely pick a whole stable of archers at moment if I had the chance.
  • I think fighter is best class as of right now. Second is mage. Archer class is not that great.

    Fighters blockomation and hit point skills are huge! Its all about what you can recover and how fast. Plus the attack skill is great. I will take extra blocks any day over criticle damage.

    Mages. Since the only way there super usefull is to be able to recover mana fast. You can do that between mana leach and items Getting 20 back every fireball is pretty good especially with all the mana potions out their and recovering 6 a step plus items. I would use one fighter 3 archers and one mage. Switch out mage every fight and you will never run out of magic plus try to get him some mellee hits as well. Luck is a great skill as well. As far as magic damage there is a huge damage spread on spells. You are doing more damage but if you magic skill is lower than enemy it decreases 3% when your above you get extra 5% damage.

    Archers are middle road however i feel its better to be great at one or the other instead of just ok at both.

    I do think the spells or somewhat limited and i would like to see fighters. With abilities that they xould be used as spells. Examples
    Assassin _hide ability instead of sleep. Takes two rounds to use.first round hides but cant attack so you can use him to block squares like on bridge map second round he can make a sneak attack for attomatic criticle to make up for not attaxking previous round.
    fighter _the one usinv two weapons. Ability /quick strike. He would get to attacks ...first attack normal damage second attacks deal s half damage.
    shield guy _ability/ tower shield. He could get one round where he could get plus 50% chance to block or defend unit where he would add like something. To other units defense.
    these abilities should only be a le to be used at higher levels. And very rarely..

    Mages just need a better verity of spells.

    Plyer random attributes. Arnt that bad if you can add plus one attack evey 4 or five levels. Damage is everything.
  • z__ June 2012