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Monster units stats decreased - 2
  • pjuros June 2012
    Monster units from level 4 to level 14 have lower HP for 50 points. Also all monster units from level 5 and up have Attack, Defence and Magic attributes reduced by 2 points.
  • pjuros June 2012
    some high level items enabled in store to make it easier for high level players.
  • Tenkai June 2012
    Thank you @pjuros!!!! I will give it another test run soon
  • BrandenF June 2012
    Ohh time for suicide?
  • Tenkai June 2012
    And yeah. I managed this time to make it a 1 on 1 fight but i still lost
  • Tenkai June 2012
    Just a few more better items and i could do it
  • Murdo June 2012
    Thank you pjuros it's becoming fun again trying to survive since there are chances :-) ok I still don't go to the forest ;-)
  • Tenkai June 2012
    Possible for me to win forrest fights now. Well i cost 4 out of 5 units and 3 tries but i did it.
  • MegaWoody June 2012
    Well petar, I really don't like the enemies having super high luck. I'm playing with my best fighters and my highest is 7, 4 enemies at 15 and the other at 25, not fair. They had more blocks than I had actual hits, you coulda guessed I lost the fight, but no I got destroyed with all those blocks. I may of not won without those blocks, let alone with em
  • pjuros June 2012
    @MegaWoody blocking has nothing to to with "Luck" anymore. There is new attribute "Block", maximum value is 15 and only couple of units have it. 3 units have "Luck" on 25, others are well bellow that.
  • MegaWoody June 2012
    gotcha, must of just been a bad battle then
  • Elan_C June 2012
    So this is why I'm sqeaking by skeletons!
  • Woar June 2012
    I am putting woar into temporary retirement.
    Existing chars appear not to have been given the base level ups given after levelling after a fight... Thats 5 chars*25 bonuses.

    I have bought the best items avail at town, and earned a bunch more exploring. Yet I am not even close to winning anything out of a dungeon.

    Since I'm not willing to explore for the amount of time it would take to find items for chars that have a basic disadvantage anyway, I think I'll have much more fun with a new char.

    Having explained why I'm retiring woar I'd like to finish by saying that I am impressed with the changes, I just don't think the migration of my level 25 char was worth it. Time to start anew.
  • Vincendra June 2012
    As lvl 21 I can say my team after 1 week dungeon farming has a lot lvl 15+ gear. Since weekend I've been doing forest battles again. I have to recover about 10 turns for the next fight.

    What I don't like is you get less xp for harder forest fights then dungeon fights.
  • Yarix June 2012
    xp is not really the issue for me, in fact it works against me. I've started a new character on s2 and, while on lvl 6, also has a lvl 14 elf, an archer and a ranger. That's right, my new char only battles 3 enemies with almost the same firepower as my lvl 25. Yes, he has lower lvl gear but he keeps getting new stuff and xp for his battles while my old char needs to check out chests and only do a dungeon once awhile. That being said, I have a ton of fun playing my lvl 6 guy >:D<
  • z__ June 2012
    My new char is much more fun. But thank goodness my first was only lvl 14... now that I've got good gear I'm picking up right where I left off.
  • The best thinv that ever happened To me was automatic update. I lost 800s/800m/200l plus stam pot. Updated character fought 1 time and started over. I lost so much i figured what the hey. Made all the diff. In the world! Love update just needs a few tweeks. @yarix do you still collect stars? I avoid them in less i have too for fear of leveling up to fast and being in situation as with old characters where units were under powered since max xharacter level is 50. Unit progression seams to be twice as fast as character progression i just dont want to be s.o.l. done the road.
  • Yarix June 2012
    Agreed. And I indeed avoid stars like the plague. Or for BF: like a VD
  • Bawhahaha!