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Multiple Characters
  • Eightzz June 2012
    I know we asked before, but now with multiple classes can we get multiple characters per account? This way we can play all three classes and get the most out of the game.
  • pjuros June 2012
    Next release will have multiple accounts.
  • Tenkai June 2012
  • Woar June 2012

    Btw. Anyone who restarts, watch out for dungeons. An easy dungeon is way to hard for a low level player.

    My char was older than dungeons, so I've always found them easy and just got a rude shock on my new level 2 char!

  • z__ June 2012
    Before v1.0, i found dungeons weren't worth it till lvl 14....i think that it will be much sooner now.
  • Xani June 2012
    With the addition of multiple accounts, I think it might be nice if (next to the account name/number) if you could put the current stamina