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v1.0 Assessment - Player View
  • shadowsong June 2012
    Thought I would try to collect some thoughts on my initial play
    I'ved played a new Archer and Mage to exhaustion on initial supplies, etc.

    Like old you can get to level two, maybe three on just consuming all stamina potions...
    So get a little glimpse of game play, even without being fully stacked

    Game Play:
    * I like the new concept in general
    * I like that mage, archer, fighter get different upgrade skills
    * I like the unit dynamics of their own skills and items
    * I like when different units can only equip certain items
    * I like that mage's attacks are treated like magic now instead of ranged (at least from resistance and bumps... not necessarily mana at moment)
    Needs Improving
    * I don't like that Archers are the only really ranged unit... Mages soon run out of mana and they just sit there and be useless most of time now.
    * I can see game will be weighted to Archer that gets unlimited range, so can attack on round one
    * Enemies are too powerful, namely the enemy ranged units. They can take out a mage or archer unit with one critical strike in earliest level you can see them
    * Too confusing on what is even possible... I mean no initial units can equip a shield, gloves, book, axe even though you can buy them in shop
    * Seems too weighted on getting items to help make your units feasible or lasting, yet item generation isn't any greater (too a long time to get good stuff for one main character much less up to 9 different units)
    * The random nature of upgrade skills.
    * The limited spells
    * The ability to block magic attacks like ranged and melee... (used to rely on magic to get out of pinch before)

    Some initial thoughts...
    Still need to change over older 17th level player to see what that is all about and maybe give a glimpse at all options
  • pjuros June 2012
    * I don't like that Archers are the only really ranged unit... Mages soon run out of mana and they just sit there and be useless most of time now.
    - playing mage 7. level, after getting new unit "Firestarter" and some items and I have really powerfull setup, mana is regenerating good enough and damage is really good

    * I can see game will be weighted to Archer that gets unlimited range, so can attack on round one
    - few range resistant enemies and archers need good support from other units

    * Enemies are too powerful, namely the enemy ranged units. They can take out a mage or archer unit with one critical strike in earliest level you can see them
    - use "Blind" attack from "Assasin" and you are safe

    * Too confusing on what is even possible... I mean no initial units can equip a shield, gloves, book, axe even though you can buy them in shop
    - those are just initial units, they are weakest units that you can get. Other units have more equipment slots and attacks. Idea is to have around 20 different units you can choose from, and create your ideal party

    * Seems too weighted on getting items to help make your units feasible or lasting, yet item generation isn't any greater (too a long time to get good stuff for one main character much less up to 9 different units)
    - at level 7 all 5 units is equiped with solid items, and with time this only gets better, you can't get all good items on first day, that would not be fun :-)

    * The random nature of upgrade skills.
    - I was trying to avoid investing all upgrade points in just one unit attribute, it's hard to predict how will that efect gameplay. This way you have some control over upgrades, but need some lusk to develop your ideal unit.

    * The limited spells
    - better units have more attacks (spells) maybe in future it will be posible to learn new attack for units

    * The ability to block magic attacks like ranged and melee... (used to rely on magic to get out of pinch before)
    - this works both ways, you can block enemies magic attack :-)
  • BrandenF June 2012
    I like the challenge so far. Even though Its a chest hunting game at the moment, that's the tradeoff of being able to keep our exp. No complaints here so far
  • I came to comment on what I've seen so far. As I looked at the OP's initial findings, he hit pretty much everything I wanted to say with a couple exceptions. Firstly I'd like to say I do like the changes overall and the idea behind it all.
    My first concern was the lack of usefulness of magic characters but pjuros seemed to address that, and as I haven't spent much time with a high level magic user, I'll defer to his judgement.
    The second issue was that I purchased an additional unit for my party but now it says that my party is full and no more units can be purchased. This may not be an issue but for that I selected fighter and purchased the orange mage guy, I don't think he'll be the best fit for my party. The main question I'm trying to get to is: is there a way to dismiss units so that I can get more end level guys or is the intention to be only able to get one and I just made the mistake of getting the wrong one?
  • pjuros June 2012
    There will be way to dismiss unit in next version. i wanted to get this one out as soon as posible, so some things are still mising. Regular players can have 7 units and supporters can have 9 units.
  • MegaWoody June 2012
    Petar can you add more chests for a little while, help us get our step forward. I can't find chests or dungeons, so I'm going no where right now
  • Tenkai June 2012
    I think its for the best he does not add more chests. It is like we are all new players again :)
  • MegaWoody June 2012
    I'd rather be a new player starting out at 0 than one at lvl 25. Atleast they can battle and do things, other than wander around looking for chests or a really easy cave that I have to be lucky to win, haven't found either today.
  • draggarf June 2012
    Here are my initial thoughts...not hating at all mate, just providing my feedback as someone who has played your fine game for a bit...(this is just from me starting a totally new character)

    - would be nice to know what unit items go with. Got a level one shield and axe, and they dont match up with any slot for my level 1 folks
    - obviuosly its starting fresh for me, but i do want to explore options while i can. Any way to let us know how long til we have to comit our old accounts to a plan?
    - will supporter account transfer over if we decide to start from scratch? (wishful thinking I know
    - first ranged encounter seems a tad overkill, but I cant judge as I cant see what other folks are accomplishing via scoreboards. since game has been totally reset, can we do the same with the scoreboards so we can see what others are ffacing? I realize its probably coming soon, but its hard to gauge whats happening with new builds atm
    - I must admit that the "back" button vs "menu" button is a tad troublesome for me still. I realize you pushed this out, but mayhaps some sort of tutorial "walkthrough" might be introduced for folks coming in fresh? (Im not super bright though, just saying that had I not expected what I should be seeing, i'd be even more confused)

    Overll, I must say how impressed I am with your effort though! Cant believe you do this on your! Really liking the possibilities!
  • Tenkai June 2012
    @draggarf the axe goes with no one so far. Maybe in a later update??? The shield is for the Knight (500 gold)

  • Bangins June 2012
    Even the easy dungeons are handing me my ass, but I did find a chest or two, lost every battle I've tried so far
  • pjuros June 2012
    @Bangins - you lost cause you have in party 3 units with level 0, that will not work. Also, dungeons are much harder now, you will have to get better equipment and level up your units.
    @draggarf - soon new web page will be up with info about available units and their equipment. Old game server (0.94) will be up next 10 days, after that all players must upgrade. If you want supporter status transfered to another player please send me email, I must to this by hand cause it could be exploited otherwise. Scoreboards will be reseted soon.
  • shadowsong June 2012
    So brought old 17th level character in... subsequently got butt kicked on first attempt... I get that I don't have items... but did buy best available in store.

    So... time for a restart... I think that is only way to enjoy game at all. Definitely glad I am not higher level with more time in.

    I don't like random attributes on units as they are still. Getting (magic +1 or Max mana +x) as an option for my non-magic using troops is stupid and makes me want to restart every time.

    No amount of items compensate for having useless attributes on rise in levels.

    Also @pjuros - bug - on initial start of character, I don't get option to spend first skill point until I move one tile.

    My client does seem less stable on v1.0 with more application crashes.

  • Vincendra June 2012
    My lvl 20 hero is made to a mage. I still don't own any good loot, but still my mages do more dmg in melee then in spells : /
  • Hunter June 2012
    First off I do like most of the changes though I too am unable to win a fight as of yet.
  • Bangins June 2012
    I've made it through the easy dungeon until the boss, but the more loot I'm picking the better my party is becoming, way to go Petar, I'm actually battling again and not just avoiding and clean out areas, plus I have no clue what treasure I'm getting since it's all new, so I'm really enjoying the game again
  • Vincendra June 2012
    After playing some I got really decent loot, now I can do both dungeon again without problems. gearing up really becomes easier after the hard start.

    Also the right party selection does much for winning battles.
  • BrandenF June 2012
    Im kicking ass and taking names when available. Although im sure 4k in stamina pots helped a bit... higher levels only have it hard via forest fights. If you can find a few chests to equips your dudes, the dungeons are possible. Still haven't tried a forest fight after running in naked. But its on my to-do
  • I just started it makes a huge difference. Now i can get back on the kdr leader board again. Lower leveles are balanced pretty well so far but we will see....
  • thorg June 2012
    I'm 65/0, having fun, it's slow going but progressing nicely.
    I've only added one extra unit, the elf archer, mainly because I was stupid and bought a lot of potions early in the game. Now I'm taking it slow and saving for more units.
    Thanks Petar, it's a whole new challenge and lots of fun.
    Ps; I've donated for both DragonBalls and MAX, does transferring support status to my new char. THORG mean I lose it for one of them?
  • z__ June 2012
    I'm impressed. Its like a brand new game.

    But I'm not a big fan of the random character upgrades. Pretty good if that's my only qualm. 5 stars bro.
  • Elan_C June 2012
    I finally won a dungeon fight!! Yay!
    Lev 17 archer.

    Like the concept, not liking the transition.
  • LPD688 June 2012
    My character is level 14. I have been playing for several months now. I can say I have never liked the limited number of turns you get in a day, but whatever. The game is still okay, but still needs some work in my opinion. Every person that plays the game has their own opinion of the game and the new update. Here's mine:


    1) New challenges and learning curve to the game.
    2) I like the idea of using mana for characters.
    3) Love specific items for each unit in the party.
    4) I like the overall game concept.
    5) More unique items.
    6) I have yet to see the extreme difficulty I have read about in the combat arena. Perhaps it is because I am only at level 14, but the enemies are rather difficult and I typically have at least 1 or 2 units killed.
    7) Combat is easy to understand.


    1) Experience and gold take so long to accumulate. Gold collection merely seems useless except to purchase additional units. Why can't players purchase good specialty items in the towns otherwise at some point in the game gold will become useless except to sell for money (that's the paradox)?
    2) No real goals to work toward except getting better items.
    3) The game is truly buggy. I'm tired of sending force close reports because I try to engage in combat and the game force closes.
    4) Limited number of turns in a day - refresh rate could be a bit higher to allow for more than about 20 minutes of play a day.
    5) Armor and other items do not increase defense rating unless the items have specific increases for specific attribute bonuses except the increase in health or additional turns.
    6) Gaining an item is limited or done based on some percentage scale on combat and players are limited to finding a random chest lying around to gain items.
    7) Update does not allow for the use of a shield except for units you have to purchase...really a swordsman cannot equip a shield?
    8) The game is skewed to archers. I have engaged in a total of 9 combats with enemy units. I have yet to lose, but my archers have never been killed. Sure my ground and pound units soak up damage, but enemy long range units engage my archers. I can foresee 3 or 4 archers with 1 or 2 ground units being unstoppable with the right equipment.
    9) Enemy units except the snake I have seen have unlimited mana. Let's be fair and make enemy units like the spider use mana.
    10) I certainly did not like the fact I had to select a character class without the knowledge of what bonuses each different class provided.
    11) What's the deal with leveling up with combat units that have no use or limited use on mana/magic, but being required to update mana/magic? It is useless to update mana/magic for the swordsman and elf archer.
    12) I have yet to understand why food is consumed by units that are active when they are at 100% health.
    13) Mages become combat units when they run out of mana, but are slow and have a lot less health. Can we not have the ability/option to upgrade their speed?
    14) It appears certain items allow for a melee bonus, but there is no item in the unit legend for this attribute as in the old game. An example is the damage extender which gives attack +1, melee bonus +3. Where's the melee bonus applied? I'm sure someone has an answer to this.
    15) Enemy units at this point seem to attack hard and inflict lots of damage while on the flip side my units do not inflict near the damage inflicted on my units. Is it because my units are weaker with less specialty items currently or will this continue as I level up and my units face more challenging enemies?
  • shadowsong June 2012
    I concur a lot with @LPD688... but not all...
    Game mechanics are what they, but if the interest is to equalize and make rational...

    I am thinking the fighter with Archery brigade is the way... and pursuing that path...

    But randomness of getting useless mana and magic increases on non-magic using troops just seems like an unlucky screw.

    Gold to me is for buying troops and then buying stamina potions... it is ok... but not an exciting goal.

    I don't mind the time for turn notion... actually draws me to game since I can't play forever... but not a good marketing gimic... ;-)

    For me... for now... fix the random unit skills... top priority...

    Then work on better goals to game...
  • Midnight June 2012
    Two ideas maybe? I started over after level 18 and found it's much less frustrating trying to battle enemies at that level so unprepared.

    #1: Make random stats updates more applicable, ie. Units with no magic not getting a +1 to magic.

    #2: Since the mages run out of mana so quickly (I know it's stated mana regen gets better but...) maybe have the staves act as very minimal dps or allow wands? Like a 25 point damage shot, not really enough to do much (though giving a small finishing shot as we once had with ice arrow), but also giving it more than a "no mana, I'm useless now" effect?
  • I don't know why so many people aare complaining about the magic/mana issue on level up, a) most units have at least a small use for mana, so a few points into that isn't going to hurt, if the choice is between mana or magic on my knight I pick the useful one. B) I leveled all of my old units on my level 21 character and I think across all of them (that's 21 upgrades each) I ran into the issue of a 'useless choice' maybe 3 times? Maybe others have been super unlucky but i do think what I saw is that bad.

    Pjuros: the changes to enemy unit stats and health were perfect, I can now dungeon crawl to gear up my whimpy little dudes and hopefully level and gear myself for some forest fights.
  • *meant to say "don't think what I sae is that bad"
  • valjean June 2012
    Very few complaints here. I love the game. @midnight I like your second point on the mage. So far, I have been treating him as a "battlemage." Basically, I use what mana I can and then try to move him up to my fighter to whack people with the staff. He usually dies or doesn't get there in time. Oh well, I thought. But you make a good point of making his manaless attack a weak ranged attack. I like it. That seems much more realistic than a cloak-wearing, bearded old man charging (or shuffling) into battle.

    Maybe one of the mages could be a battlemage- two movement steps, moderate melee attack... but the old guy needs to just stay back and wiggle his wand.
  • shadowsong June 2012
    I'd like to see the fighter and/or battle mage notion get some items or skills that increase their turns in battle... Seems like a unit full of fighters is always weak because only Assassin gets three moves and even that requires two rounds of getting pelted with enemy range units... most time need three rounds to finally make it over to get to the meanies...
  • Xyzzy June 2012
    I like the changes deffinately.

    @valjean - I use my Mage the same way. Even get a kill that way once.

    Battle mage idea I love. Its the best of both worlds.

    Its still an archers paradise, but have no idea how to change it so I just use it. Got a mage game slot that once I can will consist of 3 archers and 2 mages. Heavy on the mana/mana regen I think will do just fine.

    As far as the random skills for the units. Instead of saying this point goes here or there. I have a general idea of what type of build I want each unit to have and pick the best option.
    Petar did say that on non-mana using characters increasing there magic will help defdend against magic attacks.
    I look at it this way your a general and you tell your swordsman to bulk up and increase HP. Instead he goes and reads a book on how to make love potions to get this new hot chic in town.

    All in all A-W-E-S-O-M-E
  • I don't mean to hijack the thread but I need to know if I can win a fight now that I have upgraded, applied the skill points and experience points, and bought all the equipment from the castle. I am level 17, and don't want to destroy my 1557 win, one loss record.

    I see that all the top players are not fighting on server 2. Who has tried a fight in the forest and won?
  • z__ June 2012
    Buy a ton of stam pots. I was lvl 14 and had to spend about a week collecting items before I could win even a dungeon fight.
  • MegaWoody June 2012
    i think youd be fine, only way to find out is battling
  • What is harder, forest or dungeon?
  • Tenkai June 2012
    depends on your level and which dungeon
  • Yarix June 2012
    For lvl 17 forest will be harder. My lvl 9 char wins in skel dungeons so you should be fine
  • Xyzzy June 2012
    @Yarix What do you think about lvl 6 in the dungeon?
    I tried my one character at lvl 3 and got stopped. I even started over.
  • Yarix June 2012
    L6 is possible if you have a full party, but it really isn't worth it. The battles are harder and you have to walk much further. Keep to the forest until you're at least lvl12 (also because then the forest battles become harder)
  • Xyzzy June 2012
    Thanx. I found out the hard way tho. I was using the dungeon as a teleport and decided, hey why try it, its the easy dungeon and I got five full units. The fight got down to a one on one....I lost, but my archer leveled also when I got teleported to town I was able to buy a new unit ;)