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v1.0 - few pointers for high level players
  • pjuros June 2012
    I told you it will be hard to balance things out :-) some info for easier start:

    - you all got few units with high levels, you just need to upgrade their stats, there should be "Upgrade" button next to unit image on "Units" page. You can select from randomly offered two attributes, it changes with every upgrade.
    - buy some equipment for your units, I enabled some 5 level items in shop
    - if you buy new unit, it is level 0, you must bring it in fights to level up and get some upgrade points
    - later this day there will be some mana potions on map and dungeon monsters will be weakened to make it easier in dungeons
  • MegaWoody June 2012
    thank you, I knew youd help us out
  • shadowsong June 2012
    Ah... random upgrades for units... intriguing...

    Playing a new Archer at moment to get feel for game... are mage units going to be able to learn spells?

    Sounds like items are still issue if no one can equip axe...
  • BrandenF June 2012
    Looool. No joke, my first step outside of v1 town was very easy dungeon... even after upgrading my units, I was no match for the horrors inside. It was ironically funny though, id cakewalked those skeletons for so long, maybe I deserved an ass whooping :P
  • I'm so disappointed in all the items I lost, and how drastically it changed by losing everything I've saved, for so long, that it's just not in me to start all over again! :(
  • Woar June 2012
    Just save your recovery code and start a new char for a day or 2. I doubt you will regret it. Save your new code and you can switch back to your old char when u want.
    My old char Woar is now collecting dust. No.3 in xp across all servers with 160k xp is a lot to give up. But in the end I am simply having a blast with my new char. My old converted char was just a frustrating experiance.
    Try a new char. You have nothing to loose if u save ur code, and I think u will have a lot more fun.

  • Yarix June 2012
    I agree. Starting over is real fun. I do check in with my original char but the fun is with my lvl 7 guy.
  • shadowsong June 2012
    @Yarix are you in dungeons yet?
  • Woar June 2012
    I just won my first dungeon (very easy).
    Entered @ lvl 6. But after first fight and sustaining some heavy hits I levelled to level 7. Sweet. No need to pot up.
    2nd fight. More heavy hits and use pots to refill health and mana.
    Last fight was tough. Lost all but 2 archers. Boss was 1 hitting every one but melee unit. Although he did crit hit him for 350hp :o.

    After fight 2 of my dead chars levelled, so no need to pot them.

    So dungeon at level 7 is tough but doable with full team. (i have 3 archers 1 melee and 1 mage)
  • Odinson83 June 2012
    What is better? Defence or melee/range resisstance?
  • Yarix June 2012
    Did my first dungeon a few days ago, still at lvl 6 but with a full (3r 1m 1w) party and it was ok, although I feel the outdoor wizards have a better ROI.
  • Yarix June 2012
    @Odd83: I'm not sure what the current algorithm is, but it used to be that you first calculate (enemy atck - your def) and each point above zero delivers 5% extra dmg while each point below zero prevents 3% dmg. In other words: against enemies with high atck each def prevents 5% while against low atck it prevents 3%.
    Resistance was easier: reach point prevented 1% and was therefore inferior. However, the player skill gained 5 points of rez (either melee or ranged) per skill point which made it comparable.
    So if we assume the algorithms remained the same def is 6 to 10 times better than rez (3 to 5 better prevention and counts both towards range and melee)
  • Odinson83 June 2012
    Cool. Thanks yarix
  • You guys were right, it's not so bad after characters, and we all get different experiences than we were used to. I've tried the dungeons three times so far, and even though they had become a cake walk before, now I can't seem to win even one battle!! Now I'm just mining items for a while, until I can get some armor and weapons for my units.
  • Yarix June 2012
    That's why I like the 1.1 update. I can have fun with my new char while still somewhat maintaining my old char in case an update eases things a bit for lvl25 chars