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chat box
  • twitch_lol April 2011
    Something I saw in another mobile mmo is a chat bow at the top. That would be cool to get to talk to other about the game on ur server and maybe even a gobal chat! Also would be a way to get ppl on forums if it was in game. We could refer ppl who have questions to the forums!
  • Xyzzy May 2011
    That sounds great. Been reading the forum for a bit & its been a great help would love to talk to people realtime. Must say awesome job with the game Peter! Been looking around awhile for this set up. My new addiction!
  • pjuros May 2011
    I check it out and think about how to implement it in the game. It could be done.
  • Nuttyfist May 2011
    This excites me.