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Dungeon Break Even Point
  • z__ May 2012
    loot availability on the overland map aside, I have finally reached the point where the dungeons are as easy, or even a little easier, than over land battles.

    Now that I have hit lvl 13, I am getting hit with battles with 3 and sometimes even 4 ranged enemy units. I am using the ranged strategy, where my fight crew consists of all the ranged + 1 melee unit.

    It still not at the point where I can heal with dungeons. But now they are worthwhile for the experience and loot possibilities where they were not before.

    Since dungeon difficulty does not change as a product of your character's level, they will only become easier for me.

    Just thought i'd share my experience, since I had always wondered.

  • Yarix May 2012
    Good point, this will be a great help for newer players.
  • z__ May 2012
    Though it will be seen what happens when v1.0 hits. I still hope it holds true so that I can have finally made a post that contributed to strategy. XD