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new gear?
  • draggarf May 2012
    Don't mean this to sound negative, but mayhaps there could be a level or two added to gear while waiting for the the update? nothing crazy, but along the lines of the increases that were already in play? I obviously dont speak for everyone, but past level 19 is just a drag for me(back when I was dragarf and before my account was deleted thanks to verizon and my supidity).

    I started a new player, play him super slow, and still getting close to gear cap. I realize its you working on this game solo (@pjauros), but there hasnt been any progression at all for anyone that truly plays (played) the game in so long...
  • draggarf May 2012
    wait, that sounded negative anyway... I apologize, was just trying to give a suggestion, however feeble it may be...
  • z__ May 2012
    And maybe a few new peices of gear too. I could use a mystic glass pipe so I can free base the dragon meth I've been collecting. My god damn nose hurts!