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Mana Pots?
  • Why can't you buy man's pots? Currently there is only one way to regain man's and its only effective after several skill points. Health and stamina both have time, skills, items, and potions as a way to restore them. I know spells can be very effective but max mana and higher level creatures counter that fact. It just seems to me that this discourages magic builds because it would severely limit fight per day potential. Mana pots or items that increase mana per turn (perhaps staves or robes) instead of health or defense I think would help balance different playing styles and add variety to character builds.
  • Mana, not man's. Darn dumb phones.
  • z__ May 2012
    The spells as they are is enough to discourage magic builds. Honestly, only 1 spell you really need so far (I'm at lvl 11) and that is blind. No need for any of the others really (okay, maybe ice arrow comes in handy once in a blue moon).
  • Yarix May 2012
    Wait, what? You don't use dungeons to heal? Strange... :O
  • Its called stamina potions. U buy one move 15 steps and get a hole bunch of mana and you need to spread your spells out and take a lil extra damage. I will always take the extra damage and go through dungeons to sounds like yiur stratagy is a lil off. Im level 24 and i can fight all i want thanks to stam potions and magic. Magic right now is a helper in this game it doesnt dominate like other rpg. If you only knew what the higher levels. Were like before magic was incorporated. Now yiu at least have a chance to counter all there 75 % chance to block. Lmfao. Jk. ok half jk. Bawhahaha.
  • z__ May 2012
    Dungeons to heal? Lmfao. Oh how quickly vets forget what its like to be a noob. At lvl 11, dungeons are still an investment in health, not a lazy walk through for easy xp as I have seen other high level vets describe. I can't wait for dungeons to be that easy!
  • There are always bridge nap to to heal. Trap h2h units in corner on other sode of bridge. Take out all ranged untits and then only attack with your hurt ranged units. Most of the time you dont even have to use magic unless you use your heal spells.also at lower levels all suface fights r easy.i would go in to a fight with 150 to 200 hp and only 40 mana.however as long as your using 4 ranged units you shiuldnt have any trouble in the skeleton dungeon at all and ahiuld be able to use your heal spell most of the time and maybe only one blind against dungeon lord.
  • z__ May 2012
    Yah. Bridge level is pretty awesome. I still don't have the gray mage...ole boy is expensive. But I bet once I get him in a few days, your dungeon healing might be more feasible.
  • Yarix May 2012
    Hey z, 'fraid you're right, I tend to forget these things. To my defence, when dungeons were introduced I must'be been lvl 16 or 17...
    But even at 11 you should be able to cope, right? 4 ranged is the way to go, and even without magic the skeleton should be easy, not?
  • z__ May 2012
    Haha! No worries yarix. I'd rather hear it to see what I have to look forward to. Overland battles are pretty easy, even with the 3 ranged units I keep getting pitted against. The skeletons... they never get cloe to killing me atm. But it does take a stock of health pots to complete a dungeon for me atm. Until I hit the gray mage, i 'm sticking to the overland because on a good day the battles are easier and the loot is more plentiful.
  • Tenkai May 2012
    Lol yarix you did forget. When dungeons came out we both were level 19 and complaining how hard it was to level
  • Yes grey mage is must have. I made sure to by him as soon as i was high enouh level to get him. He alone will add 10 fights a day for you. Esp at lower levels.
  • Just got him (gray)... took forever but just before I hit 12th can already see it was like last run...

    Before gray I needed at least 40 mana before a battle... now I don't need any... once I start collecting stamina potions... should be able to play all day until 15th or 16th...
  • Should be good till you hit 19. Just be smart about yiur stam potions. Once you save up to about 50, you should never run out. Im lvl 24 and can go on huge runs especially if i run into a bunch of dungeons. Got 100 stam pot, 500+ sm, 800+ med,209+ lg, healing and rising. I can run forever. I saved them all up and now i can't use my stuff fast enough. One day im going on a 10,000 plus run. Just waiting to hit lvl 25 and only have to fight 2 range. Ha!
  • z__ May 2012
    Holy shit!
  • @kariskakaris - so is maintaining unbeaten up there about luck, healing 100% before battle and/or making sure to have enough mana for a couple of spells?

    Having that much stock in potions seems like you might set different goals about how to manage health, battles, and new achievements...
  • @shadowsong - answer to first question os that its more about health at lower levels and its both health and mana at higher levels and dont make mistakes like forgeting to equip the right players. A lot of people have lost there unbeaten streak do to this. Also at higher levels it helps to be lucky. Blocks can ruin you at lvl. 19+. Also go to gameplay tips and tricks and. Check out new character purchase order. It explains my lvl plan. It will help you figure out what i feel is more important and help explain my overall Stratagy.

    2nd question - for me iys climing the leadetboards as fast as possible. I try to maximize everything and dont use pot unless its really woth it. first levels are about farming potions. Check often fight when you can and only use sm hl pot at lower lvls. Its also nice. To have a sm stock pile first start small and build up. Buy just enough stam pot to get by and only use them when you stumble across huge scores of pot and or stars, or when you are fully healed and have no movement left. Save all money for new characters and buy as soon as you reach required lvl. Sell all your med potions to get them. You will get more fights out of units and there extra hp. Think of it this way. You sell a 100 pot to get them early but everyday your units heal. you gain an additional 400 hp or whatever For each bought unit. + 3 units you make those sold pot back in a heartbeat. Basic battle strat...i use 4 range 1 h2h and try to make h2h take all the damage and just rotate ground units unless im out of movement and or more important all h2h units r hurt, i will try to spread out damage so i maximize My healing perday. Try to keep all units alive in fight. Yhe more damage you deal the less damage you will take.Try to save mana as much as possible since the only way to get it back is by moving. I heal only when i need one guy to fight and he only needs a potion or 2. Basically if more than 4 char. need healing i wait for perday healing. Dont move unless hp r full enough to fight or there is a pot, chest or star within 3 or 4 steps. 4 is far but sometimes you can stumble across a tresure trove of goodies. Save all med potions for higher lvls you will need them at 19 plus. Once you have all extra characters you can be more liberal with your pot. Only buy stam pot cause you can collect everyhting else on the map and its a hole lot cheaper to find pot versus buying them. At higher lvls go through all dungeons u find and use them to heal. Also at higher lvls i would suggest going into fights with full health or close to it and full mana. You might not need it but you will be sry if yiu dont have it. Mana is key to staying undefeated. Helps counter when they get insane block streaks. Today first round 3 blocks out of 4 attacks. 2nd round they bocked 3 of 5 attacks. The only reason i didnt die was full health, mana, and the map lvl i was on. Plus a couple blocks. Blind is the sshit! Also i found that every fight i lost at higher lvls (19+) was with my two lower hp h2h units. There is more but this is already way to long. Lmfao. I will answer any questios you might have though and i hope this helped. Based on this strategy i was able to blow through the leaderboards and save up all those pot at the same time. Yarix was 80,000 exp ahead of me and now im within 10,000 and im close to very top of leaderboard.
    He doesnt play as much anymore though.
  • Lol... that is a novel...
    Thanks though, it is good to hear strategies and motivations.

    One of the reasons I started over was to see how far I could keep an unbeaten character knowing some lessons learned and the fact it would just be one more leaderboard I could be on...

  • Tenkai May 2012
    The game gets boring after level 25. Nothing to aim for anymore.
  • Tenkai May 2012
    I have enough exp to probaly be level 28 if there was not a cap at 25
  • Yarix May 2012
    It's not just the lvl cap though. I stopped playing fanatically when the :49 stopped. I found it very hard to keep checking without anything changing and at the time there was no magic (and I believe dungeons) to really make long streaks. I do still play casually but I'm no longer motivated to really compete.
  • Me as well. I used to check the map refresh. 24/. Now i check a couple times a day and just run out my moves. I remember the day when i used to farm all day long.its haemrd to find the time. I thought about starting over so i can go undefeated again just to make the game more fun again, but i have a hard time letting go of my old character and all the effort i put in.
  • thorg May 2012
    You know you can play more than one character. Just write down your recovery code. Start a new game, write down that recovery code and use them to recover which game you want to play.
  • I did know that. Thanks though @thorg. I bately habe time for ome character. Thought abiut it many times though.