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Death penalty
  • squall May 2012
    A death penalty would improve this game I thinks. Something like loss of a random item or exp loss e.g -20 times your lvl. Nothing to harsh just keep you on your toes. :-D
  • valjean May 2012
    No. just... no.
  • Tenkai May 2012
    I agree
  • draggarf May 2012
    there is already a harsh enough penalty with the items capping at level 15 atm, so I'd hope this isn't an option at all until after the next update at
  • z__ May 2012
    In a way, there already is at least one death penalty... I'll never be #1 on the K\D ratio leaderboard. :(
  • thorg May 2012
    No one hates losing more than I, trust me, no additional penalty is required!
    I haven't played since my last loss.
  • Yarix May 2012
    Indeed. Especially if you wanted to do just one battle before going into that dungeon. Or last time, when I was just about to level up. Had to wait until at last some of my health was restored...
  • I think all units at 0 health and not being able to fight without buying health pots for at least half a day is plenty hindering. Any further penalty would just lengthen the gap between high and low ranked players and further encourage people to start new characters if they lose a battle.
  • poopass July 2012
    When do we start collecting dragons? ??????????
  • LPD688 July 2012
    Enemy block skill is the death penalty!!!
  • Xyzzy July 2012
    Dying alone is a big enough penalty