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  • The games called dragon collecter, so dose that mean theres going to be recruitable dragons?
  • Tenkai April 2012
    Maybe in a future update but even if its not I'm still fine with it.
  • z__ April 2012
    Dragons are overated anyway. Have you ever put down newspaper in a dragon's cage? Might as well claw out your eyes. And that says nothing about the sheep. The sheep god dammit! The sheep!
  • Rook_McCoy April 2012
    Good point Z, you forget to shear the sheep just once, and you're pullin wool outta your dragon's arse for WEEKS
  • Yarix April 2012
    Yeah, that's why I usually feed goats. The skin doesn't create the same problems and the horns tend to come out quite smoothly
  • pjuros April 2012
    Dragons will come in some future release