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Best gear you can get for version .94
  • Tenkai April 2012
    *Ranged Star (13) +18 Ranged Damage
    Melee Star (14) +21 Melee Damage
    %Healing Ruby (13) 48stamina
    *Full Face Helmet (10) 5luck 16Stamina
    %High Wizards Hat (12) 3luck 40stamina
    *Ring of Luck (12) 8luck
    Resisting Ring (11) 8% range resist
    Resisting Ring(11) 8% melee resist
    *Dragon Blood(15) 6attack 5luck +15range damage
    Dragon Eliminator(14) 6attack 5luck +15 melee damage
    Full Gold Armor (12) 88stamina 2range resist
    *Full Gold Armor (12) 88stamina 2melee resist
    Skull Shield (14) 6defence 6range resist
    *Skull Shield (14) 6defence 6melee resist
    *Ranger Gloves (12) 9leech 16stamina
    *Hard Leather Boots (3) 3movement 1luck (only boots in game that give luck)
    %Ranger Boots (14) 18movement 16stamina

    * is what I use in battle
    % is what I use on the map
  • Yarix April 2012
    Nice list. Interesting that you also include melee rez, I went for full range. Also, I stopped changing gear for/after battle, it got tedious fast.
  • z__ April 2012
    Wait... so the items max out at lvl 14 even though people can attain a level higher than that? Good list. I guess that also explains why I read about the dreaded lvl 19.
  • valjean April 2012
    Yeah. More armor will come with the mysterious v.1.0... until then, us 20-somethings have to use our crappy cardboard and aluminum equipment.
  • Tentacle April 2012
    yeah, I/m voting for something harder and not so heavy as gold for armor. almost can not lift my phone any more...
  • Tenkai April 2012
    I went melee resist since its only 2 range at 25 (some fights only 1).
  • Yarix April 2012
    Okay. Guess I need to hurry up levelling
  • BrandenF April 2012
    I may not live to see 1.0. After my contract is up with verison (4 months) I think im going to tell them to shove their ridiculous prices right up there rectum, wrapped in razor wire with franks red hot as lube.
  • Tenkai April 2012
    Well you can get on an other carrier that has android phones
  • z__ April 2012
    Sprint kicks verizon's A imo.
  • Tentacle April 2012
    or just use WiFi. Where I'm at, every bar has a open WiFi, or you can ask for the password. When I'm out in my favorite bar I have 8 WiFi to chose from from the surrounding bars...

    Oh, and don't buy your phone connected to a contract, that's the big rip-off!
  • z__ April 2012
    True that on the wifi. So much free wifi everywhere, there's really no excuse not to play. Hear that Branden? You are forbidden from quitting! At least, not until I have surpassed you in levels. Thwn you may quit. In shame.