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new unit purchase order
  • z__ April 2012
    By the time a noob reaches level 5, they will have gained a unit each level (an archer, a mage, and a soldier).

    After that, you can purchase three additional units in town (a ranger @ lvl7 for 500 coin, a soldier @ lvl 9 for 750 coin, and another mage @ lvl11 for 1000 coin)

    So my question is, what are the experts opinions on when to purchase these units?
  • Fireseeker April 2012
    As soon as you can
  • z__ April 2012 ass :p
  • Tenkai April 2012
    I agree with fireseeker. As soon as you have the cash buy the units.
  • z__ April 2012
    I figured this would be a good thread for noobs. Others have suggested skipping the mighty soldier at first to ensure having the cash for the grey mage. But that doesn't say anything for the ranger. I'll be lvl 9 soon and have not yet purchased the ranger. Buy the ranger now? Or skip him longer and get the mighty soldier so I have a tank to switch out? Or even hold off altogether for that grey mage?
  • Tenkai April 2012
    Eventhough the ellf master is weak he is still stronger then the elf archer. I would of bought him right away
  • shadowsong April 2012
    Since the real goal is to get more ranged units... then you should buy Master Elf ASAP... then decide based on money raise ability on whether to buy mighty soldier or save for grey mage... personally... I am looking for ranged with all priority.
  • kariskakaris April 2012
    I would buy elf first then grey mage then warrior. I would sell as much as i could to get them faster 2. I even only used sm healing potions saved up and when I hit Lvl to buy elf/grey mage I sold enough to get them. I even started over again and was able to catch up with everybody 5 times faster. It was worth it I was like Lvl 9 or 10 when I restarted. This was my Lvl plan.
  • kariskakaris April 2012
    Lvl 1 skill-learning spell-heal.
    Lvl 2-4 skill-fast move spell lvl2 Ice arrow, lvl3 haste,or defense lvl4 save
    Lvl 5 skill-learning spell-blind
    Lvl 6-8 skill-heal spell lvl7 fireball, Lvl8-? Open
    Lvl 9-11 skill-magic rec.
    Lvl 12-14 skill-critical
    Lvl 15-17skill-attack
    Lvl 17-20skill- defense ?over ranged defenseause it gives 3% mellee
    and ranged defense instead of just 5% ranged,
    more important better chance to block same
    with criticals!
    Lvl 20-22skill-ranged defense

    There is another skill point (learning) that I havnt put in cause u can really put in whenever I might also use the learning skill at Lvl 3 instead so u can get blind sooner save all med potions all money use only small potions and buy all units in order as soon as you hit required lvl sell all extra equipment and then med HP potions if you don't have enough loot. Hoped that helped z_
  • z__ April 2012
    Wow. That was super helpful. I love seeing exactly how people have built because now that I'm lvl 8 I get a lot of time to fret over how to spend my next sp. Plus, I thought my character build sucked...but I'm made very similarly to you. So I guess I've been over thinking.

    Thanks for the help everyone. I have decided I will buy the elf master next time I find town. And it looks like my next sp is mana recovery! Lol
  • z__ April 2012

    Solid advice from all of you. Hope a noob reads this thread down the line.

    Picked up the elf master this morning and switched out knife man for him and got in 7 battles so far today. Plus gained lvl 9 and got my first sp of mana recovery, which helps a bit too.

    I should level up pretty quick.

    Thanks again!
  • z__ May 2012
    I just couldn't wait and buy the gray mage over the mighty soldier. It was taking me too long to level\pick up gold. So I bought the mighty soldier.

    I think it worked out for the best. Being able to switch out more melee units has allowed me to get 10+ fights on a good day and dramatically increase the coins I take in.

    I'll have the gray mage soon, though.

    Again, thanks for all the solid advice.
  • Glad we could all help.also check out mana pot.. as well. We will be waiting for you on the leaderboard @z_