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are dungeons worth it?
  • z__ April 2012
    I've been playing 2 weeks now. Up to lvl 8. I read lot's of diffefent things so let me sound off on those wiser in this game.

    At my level, is it worth it for me to tackle a dungeon? Or are they just a distraction with limited return vs. The resource inputs to clear one out?

    Thanks in advance.

    Oh, that smell? Yeah, that was me. I farted real bad. Got that IBS.
  • Tentacle April 2012
    couldn't say about lvl 8, but I think you should be able to kill everything in the dungeon. it's worth it: high XP for the kills, and (at least in higher lvls) save kills without fear of a trip to town.
  • kariskakaris April 2012
    It should be worth it once you have all 5 characters. You get 3 fights in skeleton and its the equivalent of about 7 surface fights give or take a few fights plus they are great if you need equipment. There are guaranteed treasure chests. 2 in skeleton and 3 in baron plus guaranteed gold and stars.. There are also 4 fights in baron and the experience is a lil better. Once you get strong enough they are also great to get a lot of HP back. When I power level I go through every dungeon I find. I can go in a dungeon with 100 HP with each character and walk out of the dungeon with full health for everybody even my stand by characters. Hope that helped z_
  • z__ April 2012
    Htanks, it did. More players have showed up lately on s4, so I'm having trouble finding stuff. So today I am entering the skeleton lord dungeon. Sounds like it is worth it. Hoepfully I don't die. (Wasted a sp on getting learning 3)
  • thorg April 2012
    At 8th lv, you'll be ok in skel dungeon, but until you get grey wizard ( min 11th lv) baron will be difficult.
    Ps; dungeons are very much worth it.
  • z__ April 2012
    Due to how poorly my character is made (max heal, max learning, 1 move, 1 magic bonus) the dungeon is actually difficult at lvl 8. Of course, I did not read the forums till about lvl 6 to fully realize that petar made magic suck so bad that blind is the only worthwhile spell. I don't want to reset! :-((
  • Elan April 2012
    If you already have the levels in learning, I found Mass Shield to be very useful early on when you've got 2-3 h2h guys.
  • z__ April 2012
    What's an h2h guy?
  • z__ April 2012
    Wiat...hand to hand? Brain fart.... pfffftttttt
  • kariskakaris April 2012
    Sometimes its worth it to start over HOWEVER you might just wait for the new update you will get a skill reset and the skills and attributes will be slightly diff. So it really might not matter that much longer. We could get the update tomorrow or 5 months from now but the way peters been talking it will be sooner than later.
  • kariskakaris April 2012
    Ice arrow weakness and fireball are all good spells to esp in the right circumstances. Don't forgert mass heal in the dungeons to. Esp when an ice arrow or fireball will kill an enemy over blind it happens a lot, but I guess that goes without saying. Also since you have max heal try moving your archers or mellee guys around a lill and spread out your damage or to keep a tuff guy alive and you should be fine. plus its way more important to buy the mercenaries in town. They make all the diff. In the world!
  • z__ April 2012
    I see a lot of folks talking about all range with 1 h2h guy. Is that the way to go? Cuz I'll be able to buy the mighty soldier soon. Should I lay the 750 gold out to get that guy? Or wait on the grey mage?

    In terms of health maximization, seems to me that blind trumps any of the healing spells in their current format.
  • valjean April 2012
    Buy them all. What I do is go into battle with all four ranged and one melee. Melee goes forth to take it for the team. He usually dies. My next battle, I avenge his obviously forseen death with the next guy. Rinse, repeat. This allows me four battles without using any health potion.
  • CaptainIsh April 2012
    That's exactly what I did z_, bought the mage before the soldier. Worked out great going in with four ranged and only took a few days to save up for the mighty fella. If you can be arsed waiting, go for it.
  • z__ April 2012
    Thanks for the advice. I think I can wait a few levels and save the cash for the grey mage. Because the ranger just....doesn't seem worth it.
  • shadowsong April 2012
    The grey mage should definitely be priority... the mighty soldier has weak attack and is really just a great shield for the 4 ranged and 1 h2h strategy... but I prefer the swordsman or capemen because their attack and damage are better.

    Was really disappointed in mighty soldier for 750gp... great defense... horrible attack.
  • Tenkai April 2012
    if you could put all the melee units up against eachother 1vs1 fight the mighty soldier would win. 2nd highest attack damage(melee), 2nd highest hp, best defence
  • Tenkai April 2012
    When I say 2nd highest attack I don't mean the attack. I'm talking about overall damage.