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  • How do i get learnings and whats the food for
  • Yarix March 2012
    If you have food, each time you move you gain 5 mana and all wounded units gain one health at the (food) cost of 1+amount of health gained. If you run put of food you no longer gain mana and health by moving.
    I'm not sure what you mean by learnings but you gain access to spells by using the learning skill.
  • Rook_McCoy March 2012
    actually (sorry yarix) you only get 2 mana per move, you have to skill up to get 5.
  • Tenkai March 2012
    Yarix is spoiled by mana recovery
  • Rook_McCoy March 2012
    Yea, there Yarix sits on his hilltop, recovering mana while the world cries.
  • Yarix March 2012
    Oh yeah, I remember a time where I never had mana... oh wait... no, gone O:)